Is your Instagram account in need of some beautiful yoga photos… but you’re not quite “there yet” when it comes to pulling pro-poses like Scorpion? No worries! Here are some yoga poses that are stunningly beautiful and stunningly easy for your Instagram.

5 Easy Yoga Poses for Beautiful Instagram Photos

1. One-Legged Wheel Pose with Bent Leg

easy instagram yoga wheel pose
Photo of MacKenzie Miller

For more one-legged wheel help, check out this free 30-minute one-legged wheel class by MacKenzie Miller (pictured above).

2.  Wild Thing

easy instagram yoga wild thing
Photo of Meghan Currie

Having trouble getting in & out of Wild Thing? Try out this free 15-minute Wild Thing class from Meghan Currie (pictured above).

3. Camel Pose

easy instagram yoga camel pose
Photo of Kino MacGregor

For more Camel Pose help, check out this free 25-minute Camel Pose class by MacKenzie Miller.

4. Hollowback Against the Wall

This pose can be done on the hands…

Photo of MacKenzie Miller
Photo of MacKenzie Miller

…or on the forearms for greater stability (but this version takes a bit more flexibility)

Photo of Irene Pappas
Photo of Irene Pappas

5. King Pigeon Pose

Photo of Kerri Verna
Photo of Kerri Verna

You may have noticed that most of these poses require some backbend flexibility. If you are struggling with these poses, you can check out Alo Moves‘ and MacKenzie Miller’s backbend yoga program here.


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