Dining choices and food processing can have a huge impact on the earth. Farmers and food producers around the world are currently facing the challenge of implementing sustainable food production, as populations are rising and resources are shrinking. While this is a global issue with no easy solution, purchasing from brands who believe in sustainable practices is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact. From breakfast to dessert, here are some sustainable food companies to choose in your daily dining.

Breakfast: Nature’s Path and Kellogg

To start your day with sustainable choices, cereal and granola from Nature’s Path and Kellogg’s cereal are great options. These brands demonstrate their commitment to sustainable sourcing and production by:

Kellogg Company: has committed to significantly reducing their impact on climate change, emissions, water use, and more by 2020. Their 2016 sustainability report includes shrinking emissions through implementing hydropower in their production, reducing their water use through improved cleaning methods, and working to improve the water quality in overseas countries in which they operate including India, Mexico, and Brazil.

Nature’s Path: is committed to sustainability through using less electricity and reducing waste in their production. They also give back to their community financially and with food donations. They have donated over three million dollars to habitat restoration and environmental education for kids. The company also supports communities through their Gardens for Good program that reduces barriers to obtaining sustainable food by providing healthy, organic food choices to food deserts and low-income communities across the country.

Lunch: Earthbound Farm and Alvarado Street Bakery

Implement these sustainable food companies in your lunchtime salad or sandwich to make your lunch more eco-friendly:

Earthbound Farm: Earthbound Farm is an organic farm committed to cultivating organic, local produce and reducing environmental impact. Their dedication to organic farming and production reduces chemical pollution and soil erosion while increasing biodiversity and balanced ecosystems.

Alvarado Street Bakery: For your lunchtime sandwich, consider choosing bread from Alvarado Street Bakery. This bakery has over 1,700 solar panels on their roof, which provide nearly half of the electricity for their production. They also implement recycling and waste reduction across their operations.

Snacktime: Clif Bar and Honest Tea

Making sustainable snack choices can be difficult for young professionals, college students, working moms, and anyone else on the go. Finding brands that are great for the road and have a small eco-footprint is a win-win for anyone who may not have time to sit down and take a long break. Great brands to choose for your busy lifestyle include:

Clif Bar: Clif Bars are great on-the-go bar snacks for hikers, athletes, and anyone who is always moving. They demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through reduced energy consumption, including attaining LEED certification for their headquarters and using solar power for 70 percent of their water heating during production.

Honest Tea: If you are a tea drinker, consider opting for a bottle of Honest Tea next time you are perusing your cold beverage options. The company’s commitment to honest, ethical, and sustainable production includes:

  • Sourcing fairtrade sugar from South America
  • Providing eye care and glasses to over 2,400 people in the tea-growing community that supports their production in Assam, India
  • Rallying for better recycling programs and awareness across America

Dinner: Gardein and Niman Ranch

Opting for sustainable dinner choices can make a big impact on your carbon footprint. Supporting these sustainable food brands is a small way to shrink your environmental impact.

Gardenin: Finding alternatives to aanimal-basedproteins can be challenging. Gardein is a growing meat-alternative producing company with a big vision for sa maller impact on our planet. The company’s approach to sustainability is two-fold: they sell healthy and tasty meat-alternatives to energy consuming meat products, and create education initiatives to increase awareness about sustainable diets. Their Meatless Monday campaign educates on the large impact of meat production on the planet, and how eliminating meat just once per week can make a big difference.

Niman Ranch: For lamb, beef, pork, and prepared meats, Niman Ranch is a great choice. This family farm demonstrates their commitment to sustainability through using alternative energy to power their operations. They also promote long term viability of their land through rotational grazing and fewer animals per acre, so pastures do not get overrun and depleted.

Happy Hour: Lagunitas Brewing Company and New Belgium

Your sustainable food choices do not need to be limited to three square meals per day. From saving water, to green energy, to power production, here is why Lagunitas Brewing and New Belgium are sustainable choices for happy hour.

Lagunitas Brewing Company: Lagunitas Brewing Company is an American beer manufacturer. Through a partnership with Cambrian Innovation, Lagunitas has launched an innovative production system that turns waste water into efficient energy. The company uses this form of renewable electricity to power their production, resulting in a smaller eco footprint and savings of about $22.5 million per year.

New Belgium: Another great sustainable happy hour choice is drinking beverages from New Belgium Brewery. This brewing company provides a number of grants to farmers and other citizens to reinforce sustainable practices. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Grants to farmers to study and implement sustainable farming practices
  • Funding to limit the barrier to entry in the farming profession
  • Financial support for advocacy around climate change and smart growth
  • Biking grants, to enable more people to commute by bikes instead of cars

Dessert: Hershey’s Chocolate

For a sustainable dessert choice, Hershey’s is a great option. Hershey’s Chocolate has recently reinforced their commitment to sustainability in more ways than one: the well-loved American chocolate company has pledged to implement sustainability across their packaging, sourcing, and more. Some highlights of their practice includes:

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