Most yoga instructors strive to be knowledgeable in their practice and great at teaching. To run a successful business as a yoga instructor or studio owner, it is crucial to not only be an expert in your field, but also to promote your business across various channels so students are encouraged to join your studio. If you are looking for ideas as to how to market yourself as a yoga instructor, are seeking yoga promotion ideas, or wanting direction for your yoga Instagram, you have come to the right place. Here are five ways to market yourself as a yoga instructor to help your business grow and thrive.

Yoga Studio Marketing Strategies: Where to Start

Figuring out where to start when marketing yourself as a yoga instructor can be difficult. Before you start incorporating marketing strategies into your business, it is important to have a few things in mind:

Who is your target audience? A target audience is a group of people you are hoping to reach with your marketing messages; these people are your ideal customers and have the means and desire to partake in your service. For example, say you are hoping to fill your classes with young professionals. If you are planning to market your classes to professionals under the age of 29, Instagram may be a good channel to invest in because 55 percent of this demographic uses Instagram. If you are hoping to attract women over 50 to your classes, Instragram probably is not the best strategy because only 11 percent of that demographic uses the social media platform. Instead, using Facebook may be a better choice of social media outlet for the over 50 demographic, as 79 percent of internet-using Americans over 50 years old use Facebook. Identifying your target audience and understanding their interests will help you better-understand how to market to them, and ultimately improve your business.

Is your brand clear and strong? Strong branding is a crucial part of marketing. Your branding includes everything from the colors your business uses, to the voice in which you share your stories, to font choices, and more. Building your yoga brand is a great place to start marketing yourself as a coach.

Easy Ways to Market Yourself as a Coach

Now that you have an idea of who you want to reach and what messages you want to share, try these yoga marketing strategies and yoga promotion ideas to market yourself as a coach:

1. Become “Instafamous” (and other social media strategies)

Building a yoga Instagram or fitness Instagram of any kind can be a strong strategy for coaches. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are free platforms that enable coaches to promote their classes, skills, and ideas to a nearly-unlimited network of people. If you are interested in marketing your yoga studio over social media, try some of these strategies:

  • Showcase photos and videos of various poses and sequences on Instagram
  • Find local yoga, fitness, and neighborhood Facebook groups and join the conversations when fitting
  • Share information about events and new classes over Facebook
  • Boost business posts on Facebook
  • Use relevant hashtags across all social media platforms

2. Coupons, Groupons, and Other Incentives to Take Your Class

Offering free trial classes, coupons, and similar yoga promotions are also great ways to market yourself as a yoga instructor. Offering a free trial class gives people a risk-free opportunity to try out your classes to see if they like them. Trial classes also allow potential new students to experience your facilities, understand your teaching style, and see what your studio has to offer. Some ways to use discounts as promotions include:

  • “Bring a friend” days, where you encourage your current members to bring a friend or family member to your studio free of charge
  • Ten percent discounts for students, members of the military, or other populations, to reduce barriers to entry and make your studio attractive compared to competitors.
  • Groupon, in certain cases
  • Coupons or discounts for certain groups such as sports teams, companies, or other groups who may benefit from your service

3. Print Marketing

While many contemporary yoga marketing strategies are online, offline marketing should not be overlooked. Most coaches have specific geographic areas in which they teach, so doing outreach within your community is another way to network and market yourself as a yoga instructor. This type of promotion is typically very cheap or free, and enables you to reach people in a condensed area while building relationships within your community. Try implementing some of these strategies:

  • Flyers or advertisements in local stores, community spaces, and publications are easy ways to reach people within your geographic area
  • Printing collateral such as posters and banners in your studio’s windows and premises are a great tactic. You own this space, so advertising within it is free; eye catching signs can attract passersby who already frequent your area
  • Always have branded business cards on hand, to give people you interact with your contact info and a place to follow up
  • Participate in local community events. Whether that means volunteering, starting a team for a charity run, or anything in between, getting involved in your community is a great way to give back to your neighborhood and get your brand out there!

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a promotional strategy that approaches customers by offering them engaging content, rather than obstructive advertisements. The goal of content marketing is to draw in relevant users by sharing interesting, accurate, relevant, and consistent information with potential purchasers. Some ways to implement this strategy into your marketing efforts include:

  • Creating daily yoga pose tips or videos on your website and across social media
  • Starting a blog about your yoga practice, and sharing it over social media and email newsletters
  • Building a library of how-to guides of various poses or additional workouts and poses for your students.

5. Check Your Work

Author Marty Rubin said “Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it.” The same goes for your marketing- it is crucial to measure the strategies you implement in your marketing to see what is working and what is not. Though measuring your marketing is not a strategy in itself, it is a crucial piece of marketing yourself as a coach. There is no point in paying for advertisements if they are not attracting new customers. If you do not measure your marketing channels, you will not know which are successful and which are not. Here are some ways to measure your marketing:

  • Use Facebook Insights to track the success of your Facebook posts. This feature will help you see which posts were most successful, in hopes of giving you direction for future content.
  • Implement Google Analytics to your website so you get a better idea of which pages receive the most views, the demographics of your visitors, and more.
  • Give your students surveys to fill out in class or via email that asks how they discovered your studio: you may be able to narrow your marketing strategy based off the information.
Megan Herndon

Megan is a Seattle-based writer who covers health and wellness. She has worked in content marketing and journalism for a number of organizations including The Seattle Globalist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and The Jakarta Globe. She has a BA in journalism from the University of Washington and is currently working on her second UW degree, a Master of Communication and Digital Media. Born and raised in Hawaii and currently embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, Megan loves all things active and outdoors including hiking, camping, outrigger canoe paddling, and yoga.

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