Walking into your home after a long day at work can be peaceful and calming. Your solace, your safe place, and your sanctuary, your home should be filled with positive vibes. Energy cleansing is a great way to remove negative energy that may have entered your home. From house cleansing with sage to using crystals, here are some tips on how to clear any negative energy from your home.

Signs of Negative Energy in the Home

There is no exact science behind identifying if your home has negative energy: it is a feeling that you “just get.” With positive energy filling your house, a home should be a place of refuge that makes you feel safe and protected. If your home makes you feel gloomy or uncomfortable, it may be filled with negative energy which adds to your stress and anxiety levels. A few signs of negative energy in your home include:

  • Unexpected or out of the ordinary complaining
  • Unnecessary criticism of yourself or others
  • Negative or unhealthy relationships
  • Blaming others/not taking accountability for your actions
  • Feeling cluttered or closed in

How to Remove Negative Energy

Energy cleansing is a great way to invite positive energy into your home and ultimately into your body. We consulted House Beautiful and Energy Muse to curate this list of tried and tested methods to remove negative energy from your home.

  • Burn incense – used for centuries in religious ceremonies and rituals, incense invites a serene, calm atmosphere. Find a scent you love and let the positive vibes flow through your home.
  • Clean your entrances – the entryways to your home is where outside energy can easily seep into your home. These spaces should stay as clean as possible. After clearing away clutter, clean all doorways, doorknobs, and windows using a solution of water, the juice of five lemons, one cup of salt, and ¼ cup of vinegar.
  • Utilize Crystals – crystals are not just for décor, as many can bring different energies into your home. Specifically, rose quartz replaces negative energy with positive energy and black tourmaline can ward off negative energy. Keep both in a bowl in your home to protect your space.
  • De-clutter – all objects in our home hold energy that either invite us to move forward or block us from growing. Spend some time removing unnecessary clutter and donate what you do not need. De-cluttering is a great way to give back while you bring positive energy to yourself and your home.
  • Get Some Fresh Air – even if it is cold outside, allowing your house to breath and inviting in fresh air is a simple and quick way to bring new and positive energy into your home. While the windows are open, take some time to shake out all of your pillows and blankets, giving them a dose of the fresh air and positivity.
  • Sage smudging – this ancient Native American ritual was used to remove bad energy that develops in your home and your body. Simply light the smudge stick, blow out the flame, and allow the smoke to clear negative energy out of each room in your house.
  • Insert Sound – while having silent moments of mindfulness during the day is positive for our health, a perpetually silent home can invite negative energy. Go through each room of your house ringing a bell or chime to drive out negative energy and invite in positive vibes.
  • Throw out anything broken – you may have all the best intentions to fix that broken picture frame, chair, or desk, but these broken items can bring bad energy into your home. Out with the old and in with the new! Use this as an opportunity to freshen up your home and replace the broken items with ones that makes you smile.

Everything around us holds energy and our homes or places of refuge should be filled with positive energy at all times. Use the above cleansing techniques to clear negative energy and invite in fresh, positive vibes that will brighten your mood and your overall health.


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