Ready to improve your memory? Being forgetful or not having a good memory can be frustrating for anyone, no matter their age. While we once believed that brain function reached its optimal performance during early adulthood and decreased as we aged, we now know that our lifestyles play a significant role in keeping our brain functions strong and healthy. You can help improve your memory in a variety of ways including with memory exercises.

Help Improve Your Memory

The brain’s hippocampus is our memory center and is capable of growing new cells (a process known as neurogenesis). This process can happen throughout our lifetimes, even into our nineties. This process is impacted by our lifestyle choices including what we eat, how much we exercise, and how much sleep we get.

We’ve summarized this list from Prevention on 7 of the best ways to help improve your memory:

1. Sleep: Sleep is a time for your brain to remove neurotoxins and to stimulate memory and learning. Do not deny yourself the benefit of a good night’s sleep. In fact, 95% of adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. Do yourself a favor and get to bed early tonight.

2. Get active: British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that engaging in moderate exercise a few times a week had a positive impact on cognitive function. The study showed that aerobic exercise and strength training improved memory, attention, and the ability to carry out tasks.

3. Get social: Speaking and engaging with another person requires your brain to do a lot of work. It has to listen, interpret what is being said and formulate a response. This is a great memory exercise for your brain and a fun one. Make some plans with friends and get chatty.

4. Challenge your brain: Never stop learning! Find the joy in constantly learning new skills and processing new information. Whether you visit a new place, experience something different, learn a new skill or complete a Sudoku puzzle, your brain is working to process these new interactions, thus keeping it sharp and increasing your memory power.

5. Laugh a lot: Loma Linda University Health published a study showing that laughing for twenty minutes can help improve memory in older adults. Laughter reduces stress, and once this is lowered, your memory can improve, according to this study. Go laugh it up! Your brain will thank you later.

6. Meditate: Meditation actually changes the structure of your brain. A study at Massachusetts General Hospital showed that regular meditation thickened the cerebral cortex of the brain. This thickening is caused by increased blood flow to the brain and this area is responsible for memory, concentration, and learning.

6. Feed your brain the right food: your brain needs fuel, just like your body. From vegetables to healthy fats, making the right nutrition choices will boost your brain-power. The Help Guide recommends the following:

Omega-3s from salmon, halibut, mackerel, walnuts, flaxseed, spinach, broccoli, and pumpkin seeds
Fruits and vegetables that are colorful and known antioxidants such as berries and leafy green vegetables
Green tea which contains polyphenols – a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells

A healthy body should come with a healthy mind and we hope that you will start feeding your brain exactly what it needs (food included) to improve your memory. Alo Moves offers some great meditation classes. Check out some of their content and your memory will thank you for it.


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