A 2011 Office Max Survey found that 90% of Americans believe that disorganization has a negative impact on your life. Seventy-seven percent of respondents said that messy desks negatively impact productivity. A minimalist office design will help you focus and have you knocking items off your to-do list faster than ever before. Follow the below minimalist office design ideas to help simplify your life.

Create a Minimalist Office Design

How often are you using a stapler, scotch-tape, or the hundreds of pens and pencils you’ve collected over the years?

  • Smart storage: Find a desk with smart storage space for items you do not use every day. It will leave our desktop clean and uncluttered
  • Digital solutions: Get rid of to-do lists and post-it notes and instead use a digital solution like Wunderlist. It is free and easy to use, allowing you to create multiple lists to easily organize your office and personal life. The service will sync to your calendar, pinging you with reminders when necessary.

Save the environment and save yourself storage space.

  • Go paperless: Use services like Dropbox and Google Drive to file documents and opt-in for paperless billing and online bank statements. Keep hard copies of any important documents, but otherwise, scan your files and enjoy a life free of paper cuts!
  • Print-free challenge: Set up a 30-day print-free challenge in your office to encourage your colleagues to go paperless. At the end of the 30 days, plan an outing to celebrate your win.

Office Furniture
Let your office furniture speak for itself in the form of clean lines.

  • Space savers: From cable management solutions to benches with storage, find furniture that also provides solutions with a side of a design that inspires you.
  • Find inspiration: Outfit and accent your office with some inspirational art and sculpture pieces. CanvasPop offers customized art, and Wayfair and Overstock have affordable options that fit your style.

Digital Space
Is your computer desktop filled with documents and pictures that need to be filed? Do you struggle to find that one email your boss asked you for?

  • Declutter the digital: In this highly digital world, it is easy to forget that your email inboxes and online filing systems might need some TLC. This list from The Cusp offers some great tips including cleaning your hardware, optimizing battery life, and managing browser extensions.
  • Cleanse your social media: Your social media accounts are meant to provide you updates on people and brands you care about. However, it is easy to continuously scroll through social media feeds, giving time and attention to content that may not be relevant to you. Go through your social media accounts and un-follow the people and brands that are no longer relevant to you. Anything left is then optimized for your time and viewing pleasure.

Keep Up the Good Work
Worried that your new minimalist office will get cluttered again? Try to de-clutter every day by carving out 5-10 minutes to manage and organize your new minimalist office design. This practice will keep your space free of clutter and give you a gorgeous, minimalist workspace year-round.

While figuring out your new minimalist office design, check out this post on how to clear the negative energy from your home. These tips can be used for your office as well!

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