Easy Self-Care Practices

Checking off your daily to-do list and rushing from activity to activity is a common daily habit to fall into. Many people get preoccupied with finishing projects at work and family responsibilities at home and do not make enough time for self-care and self-love. Making self-care practices a priority is a great way to bolster both your physical and mental health. Try putting some of the following self-care practices into action:


“Unplugging” or taking some time away from electronics can help you rejuvenate and be more present in your life. A recent study from Bowling Green State University found that people who use less technology at home had an overall higher quality of life. Individuals in this study who unplugged had better communication in their relationships and said they felt more recharged the next day at work. Stepping away from your phone or computer, even just for an hour, is a simple and beneficial self-care practice to consider implementing.


Writing in a journal a few times per week can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, become a better problem solver, reduce stress and more. Whether you would like to start a gratitude journal or simply write a few paragraphs about your day each evening, putting your thoughts down on paper is a great way to take some time to boost your mental health.

Move Your Body

Making time, even just 30 minutes per day, to get up and moving is a productive self-care practice to implement. You can add exercise to your day in many ways without altering your schedule too much. Consider using some of the following strategies to add more activity into your day:

  • Finding ways to implement exercise into your commute such as biking or even walking to work from a few bus stops early
  • Take a walk or run during your lunch break
  • Go to the gym first thing in the morning or late at night
  • Explore workouts you can do at home without having to go to the gym


Taking vacations is proven to improve your happiness, give your mental health a boost, and make you more recharged and productive upon return. It does not matter if you take a 3-week vacation in a different country or a long weekend to visit the next town over; simply taking some time to clear your mind and explore something new is an optimal way to expand your horizons and rejuvenate your mind.  

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is the art of being present and not overwhelmed by the things around you. Practicing mindfulness by reducing distractions and focusing on the moment at hand can help you decrease stress, lower anxiety, improve your overall health, and more. There are many ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life including in rethinking the way you think about certain everyday moments and being mindful at work.

Megan Herndon

Megan is a Seattle-based writer who covers health and wellness. She has worked in content marketing and journalism for a number of organizations including The Seattle Globalist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and The Jakarta Globe. She has a BA in journalism from the University of Washington and is currently working on her second UW degree, a Master of Communication and Digital Media. Born and raised in Hawaii and currently embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, Megan loves all things active and outdoors including hiking, camping, outrigger canoe paddling, and yoga.

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