Whether you are a parent running after children in all directions, a professional trying to build the future of your company, a student who barely has time to sleep, or all of the above, busy people often have trouble making time for themselves. Finding ways to harness the power of mindfulness, even for just a few moments each day, can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and more.

3 Mindfulness Tips for Busy People

If you are a busy person seeking some mindfulness tips, you have come to the right place. Here are a few simple ways incorporate mindfulness into a busy schedule.

1. Focus On Your Breath

Taking a few minutes to focus on your breath is a simple way for busy people to be mindful.  Mindful breathing exercises can be done just about anywhere and are an easy opportunity to have simple mindful moments during your day. Try a few of the following simple mindful breathing exercises to hone your focus even on the busiest of days.

2. Commute Mindfully

If part of your busy schedule comes from spending hours on the road, consider using your commute as a time to practice mindfulness. For bus riders, walkers, and drivers alike, capitalizing on your morning commute as an opportunity to practice mindfulness is a great way to make the most of time that is already allocated within your schedule. Some ways to make your commute more mindful include:

  • Setting an intention for your day while you are on your way to work. This could be anything from “today I will finish everything on my to-do list” to “today I will smile more during the workday.”
  • Taking a moment to think about your senses while commuting. What does the steering wheel feel like under your fingers? What sounds do you hear as you walk from your bus stop to your office?
  • Turning off the radio or taking out your headphones on your walk and focusing on your breath.
  • During your commute home, reflect on positive things that happened during your day and things you are grateful for.

3. Unplug

Taking even just a few minutes away from technology is another simple mindfulness tip you can put into action. Whether this means turning off the music on your way to work, leaving your phone in another room while you are eating dinner, or opting to read a book instead of watching television at night, putting devices aside is a great way to turn your focus inward and step away from outside distractions!

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Megan Herndon

Megan is a Seattle-based writer who covers health and wellness. She has worked in content marketing and journalism for a number of organizations including The Seattle Globalist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and The Jakarta Globe. She has a BA in journalism from the University of Washington and is currently working on her second UW degree, a Master of Communication and Digital Media. Born and raised in Hawaii and currently embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, Megan loves all things active and outdoors including hiking, camping, outrigger canoe paddling, and yoga.

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