Adult looking sex Wolf

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Teen Wolf (1985) - Getting Worked Up Scene (7/10) - Movieclips

The R-rated film takes us back to the golden years of the Witchers, most notably the legendary Vesemir voiced by Theo James. Hardcore Witcher fans will know that Vesemir will go on to mentor and raise none other than Geralt of Rivia Henry Cavill. However mysteries abound. Who was Vesemir in his youth and what happened at the Battle of Kaer Morhen? Will there be hot men in bath tubs, sexy ladies, hookups, and nudity?

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Yes, this is The Witcherbaby! But will it be as hot and steamy as the Henry Cavill show? Well, that all depends on your definition of sexy…. You bet! Much like his mentee Geralt, Vesemir likes to get wet.

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In the bathtub, specifically. Early on in the film, Vesemir is seen bathing in a barrel and then he exits the bath.

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We get full butt nudity and a tease of something more but not full frontal, you pervs! Eh…not really?

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I mean, the film cares way more about blood and gore, darkness and vengeance than Vesemir getting his rocks off. There are obviously allusions to sex in the story, but very little of the orgies or sex scenes that were a hallmark of The Witcher when it premiered on Netflix. And you would be wrong.

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Theo James gives young Vesemir a swashbuckling vibe that is nothing short of crush-worty and Lara Pulver lends her trademark purr to a tightly corseted lady and sorceress. Where to stream The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. More On: The Witcher. Share Selection Facebook Twitter. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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Adult looking sex Wolf

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