Artist in need of a model

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Photo Credit: Teel Photo. Johanna is a Los Angeles based portrait artist whose work hangs in museums, galleries, and private collections all over the world. Mentored by eight-time presidential portrait artist Everett Raymond Kinstler N. Working with an Art Model Release Contract should be the muscle of any standard studio operation that is engaged in life painting with Fine Art models. Alas, this paperwork is often overlooked with the focus being on creating paintings and drawings with correct anatomy rather than the sinewy task of doing actual contractual paperwork.

Oops, I forgot". If you are wondering why on earth do you need a Model Release Contract, think of it this way. It is then a fair transaction if this release of likeness is approved and ed off on by the model. If you have no plans to sell your artwork, read no further. I was given a timely slap on the wrist reminder of needing this kind of Model Release Contract when a huge art licensing company that works with mega stores like Homegoods and Target, who I ed a contract to reproduce my artwork, suddenly asked me out of the blue if I had a model release on a large portrait of mine I had just shipped to them for possible reproduction.

Fortunately, it was easy for me to back-track and get it but in all honesty I should have had it there in the first place. Often, we do our life painting sessions for practice of our craft never thinking the masses might see our work which was the case in this particular portrait. My bad. The model will often ask for a 'photo fee' if extra photography is taken of her by painters in the room. I have seen student painters object to this too many times in my classes thinking their class fee should be enough. But hold on, you can then go and create after the class 10 paintings from your photos of this model and sell them?

You are scalping! A colleague of mine ArtModelShannon Insta artmodelshannon who is as well- known for her art modeling as she is for her Fine Art self-photography nude portraits, shared with me her experience of a self-portrait elaborate "figure" composition she recently took of herself and posted online.

A painting artist asked ArtModelShannon if she could reproduce the photo artwork in a painting for an educational purpose. Says Shannon "Unfortunately, these scenarios happen all too often in the art world. An art model's image is her livelihood.

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Professional artists models chose to earn a living inspiring art because they love it. A Model Release Contract can be very simple. This is what it should basically include and I thank artist JoAnn Peralta for her help when I needed it to create a decent contract. So what about all of these Zoom modeling sessions in times of Covid?

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I did take note of this paragraph an East Coast life painting group with about 50 artists present in the Zoom room was using before the Zoom up and it made perfect sense to me that we should all add it to our Zooms. If the artwork resembles the model exactly, from zoom sessions, and is going to be sold, I think the model should be contacted through the Zoom organizers for "release" permission as above so there are no gaping wounds. I do believe that the model fee is for the modelling time and that in case of sales, we should involve the model as well in particular if it is a portrait or recognisable figure study.

I give 10 percent of any sold picture to the model I was working from this concerns modelling in my studio.

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Group or Zoom sessions I would put under "educational" as the outcome is rarely useable for a painting and the model fee, I paid to the organiser, should suffice. This is an excellent informative article Johanna! Such a great reminder how important models are to artists and how important it is to respect them and the service they are providing.

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Having a model release contract and making sure payment is more than sufficient is a way to show this respect. Sample cards or any other copy cannot be sold. I do not claim to be a legal authority, but lawyers have made this explanation to me.

If such is not the case, I very much hope you will follow up with a legal clarification beyond this personal interpretation. This article inspired a great deal further digging into legal case and opinion.

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Each state has different specifications and interpretations. The following article was particularly useful. Certainly a release is exceptionally useful. However, the creative works liability exemptions are not expressly applied to personal art that does not resemble a model or is never sold. Hi Chantel: Thank you for your thoughtful comment and, yes, we all need the reminder how imporant models are to us artists! May I also say how exceptionally well you paint those models.

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I am a big fan of your artistry! Richard: thank you for taking the time to post your thougthts and the interesting article link you posted which I am sure others wil find interesting and helpful too. Regarding your comment:"I very much hope you will follow up with a legal clarification beyond this personal interpretation.

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I know other top-notch artists who use this exact same format without issues. I also know a lot of artists don't use any contract. This article and my personal thoughts and contract I share are not meant to be the definitive legal guide as alas I am not a lawer.

I share this information in the the hope that the inforamtion will be of benefit to other arists who have perhaps not thought about using such a contract. If artists are in any doubt, or need further legal clarification, it would be wise for them to contact a lawyer and draw up their own Model Release contract that is fitting for the area and country they work in. Richard: I just re-read the great article you linked to. The article's last paragraph concludes with this:"It's always a good policy to get written releases from your models, or anyone whose likeness appears in your work.

Johanna, I really appreciate your thoughts on this topic. Thirty years ago, I put myself through university by modeling for art classes, groups of grad students, and a few individuals. Of course, I never thought of any sort of contract or remuneration beyond the agreed-upon fee per hour or per session. At age 49, I found myself modeling again because I love it and love the classroom atmosphere.

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Haven't done a speck of modeling during the pandemic, but hope to return to it after things settle more. People invariably want to take photos.

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I don't mind that, but your article gave me something to think about. More importantly, I need to consider more clearly my responsibilities as one who often includes real people in my art. Sometimes people I meet once and take their photo. Sometimes we don't speak the same language, and there's no way I can get in touch with them again once I leave e. Maybe I should not use their photos for my artwork, even when I'm able to communicate that and they are excited about it.

Thank you again for encouraging us to be more respectful! Lisa: so glad you appreciated these thoughts. It is of course only a guideline The people you meet in remote villages that you 'snap' for photoswith an obvious, language barrier, is definitely a good point you make. I think if you are able to communicate with them that you are going to make a painting from your photos, and they are excited about that, then you have some sort of verbal agreement.

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Artist in need of a model

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