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The furniture and other accouterments at Naughty Girls Lingerie and Uptown Novelties on Cheshire Bridge Road were carried out into the parking lot and trucked away last month. A gentleman in charge of clearing the building said the tenants had fallen behind on the rent.

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Times are tough for the sex industry along Cheshire Bridge. And the repairs?

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On dozens of trips past the club in the last month, no activity by the hammer and nail crowd has been spotted. That story has been circulating for a few years now. But look up and down the street from the fabled restaurant; change is afoot. Hundreds of new apartments line Cheshire Bridge from Windemere to Faulkner. The side streets once known only to the savviest drivers taking shortcuts are now home to condos and townhouses going for half a million and more.

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The Manchester complex, developed by Hedgewood, has 45 townhouses going up. Most are three-story jobs and 43 of the 45 are already sold or under contract. Over units bringing Atlantans closer to nature. Crazy, of course, is the operative word on Cheshire Bridge Road these days.

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Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods have been unhappy over the streetwalkers and adult arousal shops along the boulevard but they may be unhappier when all the new residents — with cars as appendages — settle in. The sex industry will seem quite innocuous compared to the additional time sitting in traffic. Inwhen Atlanta streets ran differently with fewer cars by the thousands, Cheshire Bridge Road was part of Buford Highway. Since that time Rhodes Bakery has stood at Cheshire Bridge.

Tom Rhodes was just a kid when his family moved the business from its location at Piedmont and Monroe then called Boulevard. Long a boulevard of shopping centers, fast-food ts as well as fine restaurants, a new mix of businesses up and down the stretch offered various goods and services. Up on a hill was a fortune teller. Close by was a cooking school. Some light industrial. Strip clubs. Gay bars. Few mainstream restaurants in the city were nearly as hospitable to Gays as the Colonnade. Newcomers to our country found Cheshire Bridge a welcoming place to serve food from their native lands.

In a sense, Cheshire Bridge Road has had everything although some believe it has had nothing but trouble. Then he acknowledges the changes pressing hard on Cheshire Bridge Road. There will be more condos and townhouses. Traffic will not get any lighter. But he knows many of the new people coming in give the area more color and personality.

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Business is good. Lots of foot activity.

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The streetwalkers. Moms with strollers.

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There was a spread of meatloaf and sides in the break room.

Atlanta naughty girls

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