Attractive man seeking woman couple

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New research has determined what men and women look for in a casual partner. A survey of 68, people, conducted by the menstrual cycle tracking app Clue and MyONE Condoms, found that for both heterosexual men and women, looks and body type were incredibly important.

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Intelligence and kindness, not so much. Just over half of women thought body type was very important, with Just 7. Women also preferred their casual partner to have facial hair and a hairless chest. Attractive eyes and an attractive smile were the two most popular physical features in almost all countries, expect Mexico and Japan where women instead wanted a man with large hands most of all. Just But when looking for a long-term partner, the showed women rate "kindness" as the most important attribute they are looking for, she added.

For men, looks came out on top. Nice eyes and an attractive smile were most highly rated, closely followed by large buttocks and average or large breasts. The importance of kindness, confidence, and intelligence were much lower in the ranks, with Vitzthum said short-term partners and long-term partners satisfy different personal goals.

Trust and kindness are important for building a family, but not so high on the list when you want to fulfill sexual desires. Having a physically attractive partner also elevates one's social standing, she said, even if it's only temporary. Dating apps give us too much choice, and it's ruining our chances for finding love.

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New research has found what heterosexual men and women look for in a casual partner. Intelligence, confidence, and kindness rated much lower on the scale. But women do still look for kindness when they're seeking a long-term partner.

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Attractive man seeking woman couple

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