Becoming an online personal trainer

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CPT online personal training. Online personal training is now more relevant than ever. With the vast array of technological options and virtual training applications available, you can pivot to an online personal training business in a few relatively easy steps. This guide will function as your cheat sheet for a hopefully pain-free process towards transitioning to a virtual training dynamic for your business.

If you are interested in becoming a professional virtual coach, look no further than the NASM specialization course on virtual training. Follow the link to earn some CEUs and get some great content! To navigate to each section, follow the jump links below:. While in college, I worked at the on-campus gym, followed by an internship at a local gym in Houston.

I continued training there after graduation. With seven years of experience under my belt, I left the gym and started training clients in-home. This marked the inception of my online training business. Like any professional transition, there have been growing pains and many unforeseen obstacles. Still, overall this has been an incredible career move for me and a valuable service for my clients. To start your online personal training business, you first need to pick out the right technology, device, and fitness applications to drive your training sessions.

Next you should map out your virtual workspace. Lastly, you need to make sure you have the needed fitness equipment to train your clients effectively. Let's break down each facet of starting your business below - starting with technology, moving through your work space dimensions, the equipment you'll need, and ending with lighting and workout environment factors! The thought of taking your business online to offer virtual training services may be incredibly overwhelming at first.

Before selecting a training space in your home, ask yourself the following questions:. Make sure to have plenty of space between your camera and the demo area. In my virtual training space, I have both devices on my desk with six feet of open floor behind me. Make sure all equipment is off to the side, so you don't have to leave the room to retrieve it.

Your client's time is precious and paid for.

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With that in mind, your preparedness is critical. If you wouldn't walk out of the gym during a session, don't do it at home either. Professionalism is key. As a fitness professional, you know that great workouts are possible with little to no equipment.

How to Start a Successful Online Fitness Business in 2021

Ideally, your client has at least a set of dumbbells. I typically recommend that each client has three sets of dumbbells. Wei ght requirements will vary from client to client, but I follow this general guideline. One set should be light lbsone medium lbsand one heavy lbs. The weight selection will depend on many factors, including budget, current strength, and future goals. If a client has more equipment and most eventually choose to purchase moreyou need to have a comparable item to demonstrate proper usage.

Chances are you already have a wide range of dumbbells for your personal use, but if not, don't worry about matching your client's exact weight. I use bright orange 5-pound weights to demonstrate for my clients; bright colors make it easier for clients to see the movements.

Depending on your background, a black or gray weight could get lost on the camera. Maximizing visibility will allow you to train as seamlessly as possible. This brings us to our next point, lighting. Ample lighting either natural or artificial is crucial when working with clients online.

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Web cameras work the same way. You want your clients to have as much clarity as possible during their session, making the experience as close to in-person as you can. If windows are behind you while you work, you will appear dark and shadowy on camera. Your client won't be able to see you very well, and you may come across as unprofessional or unprepared. Based on where my desk has to be in my space, the windows are behind me.

To overcome this problem, I purchased decorative blackout shades and made sure to close them before each session begins. Also, I bought an inexpensive ring light that illuminates my face much like window light so clients can see every move I make. The ring light is optional, so if you're unable to purchase one right now, don't worry. Just consider picking one up when you can. Also, based on your lighting situation, you may not need one at all. Consider all of the ways you can make your personal training space as distraction-free as possible.

A noisy background is a distracting one. While some of these things are bound to happen, minimize the possibility where you can. I know that I need as little background noise as possible. Many personal trainers including myself have capitalized on pre-written, packaged, and branded workout programs. These programs may be general or geared toward a specific demographic new moms, senior citizens, or those who want to workout at home with a little guidance.

Often, these programs are available on DVD or via an online download for one price. These products are a great option to help your business generate passive income; however, pre-written programs are vastly different from the virtual training experience. As a virtual trainer, you get to work with clients from a very specific vantage point. You will get to know your client, learn about his or her individual goals, and develop a program that is strategic. Virtual training is less of a one-size-fits-all approach, and more of a tailored service meant to add value and strengthen relationships.

A great approach is to utilize both pre-written programs and virtual training. This can be done pretty easily with the NASM edge app. This means you balance out training sessions with a mixture of live workouts and routines that clients can do whenever they are ready. You can then measure their fitness through the EDGE dashboard. A pretty useful tool! Listen to some additional tips on how I implement online training programming in the following video:. I want to share some benefits and drawbacks to think about as you consider adding virtual training to your scope of service.

Now for the part that makes everyone cringe, money! I think every entrepreneur on earth has questioned their value at one time or another. Am I worth that much? Yes, yes, you are! You are providing a valuable professional service that is deed to change lives. Be confident in your pricing, and stick to it! You aren't a discount store, so don't even think about running blue light specials. No matter your actual rate, just be consistent. Don't undervalue yourself, and be sure to charge everyone the same.

Virtual training is all about being hands-off, right? For the sake of automation and efficiency, I have an e-commerce system in place that allows clients to purchase online training sessions via my website. For those clients, I provide other payment options, such as a branded Paypal invoice. I like to streamline as much as possible for the client. Many of my clients prefer to receive an invoice in their inbox rather than purchasing via the web.

I keep both options available to accommodate my clients. I limit payment methods for the sake of keeping things streamlined and organized. Consistent and trackable ing is vital to run an efficient online business; and, it's especially important at tax time! If your client does not budge on payment methods some people have had a bad experience and may refuse particular payment processorsyou may consider making an exception.

In that rare circumstance, it's better to collect payment by other means than no payment at all. Here's a great resource for collecting online payments, if you wanted some additional info! Just as you'd keep a file for each client at the gym, you need to do that for your virtual clients as well. While software specific Becoming an online personal trainer personal trainers does exist, it's not at all necessary to run your virtual training business.

You can very easily run your business using free Google Drive apps such as docs and sheets or using Microsoft office such as Word and Excel. The beautiful thing about Google Drive is, it syncs across all of your devices, and files can be shared with your clients. If you're not familiar with Google drive, don't worry, you can learn it quickly. If you've ever used Microsoft Office, this will be no sweat for you.

Google Drive is a fantastic cloud-based solution that adds to the seamlessness of running a business online. Each client has his or her own Google document within my Google Drive. That individual document contains the following client-specific information:.

Even though your client will be working with you remotely, obtaining the correct forms and atures is of utmost importance. These documents will protect you and your client should anything go awry during your virtual sessions.

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These forms can be ed to your client. Instruct them to send the completed forms back and then file away either hard copies or online. Make sure all forms are complete before their first training session with you. No matter how good a friend the client may be, always complete the forms. To streamline this process for my business, I host all forms on my website. When I receive a new client, I simply forward them one URL, and they have access to printable versions of each form.

Becoming an online personal trainer

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How to Become an Online Personal Trainer From Home