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Kids and adults with ADHD do best with structure and routine. Having set activities and tasks leaves less room for boredom to set in. They need more time to plan and organize activities. Having people to share interests with — bike riding, gardening, playing music — makes it easier to beat boredom. Invite them in or a group yourself. But ADHD makes it hard to transition away.

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Set limits and stick to them. Kids and adults with ADHD need more stimulation than most people. Most kids can stick it out until class ends or the teacher moves on to a new subject. When boredom sinks in, they might have trouble with self-control.

Or they might seek out attention in inappropriate ways. The situations are different for adults, but the challenge is the same. Adults might take out their phone and send texts during a presentation. Or they might start an argument or a debate if a conversation is too dull. They just can struggle to find ways to keep themselves from being bored. Many people with ADHD constantly seek stimulation. Research suggests this happens because of the structure and chemical makeup of the ADHD brain. The brain may also not properly activate certain chemicals that make activities satisfying. So people feel less encouraged to stay focused.

People with ADHD have trouble with skills called executive function. They often brim with exciting ideas but struggle with the planning, organizing, and problem-solving skills to do them. Learn more about ADHD and the brain. Kids with ADHD may be able to get accommodations in class to help them stay focused. To get these supports, parents can request an evaluation at school.

Adults may also be able to get accommodations at work.

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A quick way for people with ADHD to get stimulation is to use a fidget. It can be anything from a stress ball to an infinity cube to pipe cleaners — something that keeps their hands busy. Also, people with ADHD tend to be much more focused on things that really interest them. Adults are more likely to be engaged at work if their job plays to their strengths. Discover career paths for teens and adults who get bored sitting still.

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The Trouble With Boredom or How to Help the Under-Engaged Child