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Updated Ensley Myrick was supposed to be out repairing gutters Wednesday morning. He never made it home the night before, though, never made it more than a few steps past the doorway to Hell. Wednesday, according to Capt. The lot is steps away from a martini bar named Hell and an ading strip club called the Catwalk. Myrick and his friend had been at the Catwalk shortly before they were shot to death, according to Lt.

Luiz Casanova. At an early afternoon press conference, Reichard said police conducted a daylight search of the area but found no weapons. The two victims grew up together. Myrick lived in East Haven. Reed lived with his parents in North Branford. The friends told their family Tuesday night that they were going out for a drink to watch the Celtics-Lakers basketball game. Reichard said detectives are reviewing tapes but have not determined whether the pair had patronized the club or the nearby bar. The two were shot in the parking lot next to a vehicle.

A vehicle was found at the scene belonging to one of the victims. Reichard said police do not know at this point what prompted the homicides. Reed was pronounced dead at the scene. Myrick was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was also pronounced dead. Casanova pictured and Sgt. Stephen Shea were inside the Catwalk mid-morning Wednesday reviewing videotapes of the scene outside the club. Catwalk had closed early, shortly before the shooting took place. I think it had to do with the rain and the wind, that bullshit.

He said he and Myrick grew up together in North Branford. They used to work for a man fixing gutters. Then Myrick went on his own, and hired his buddy. They spent Tuesday doing jobs on the Shoreline, and were planning to head back out again Wednesday. The friend, who asked not to be identified, said he had been at Catwalk six months ago and ended up in the midst of a brawl that spilled out into the parking lot.

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Shea, who arrived at the scene shortly after the murder, said that Reed died in the parking lot. Myrick was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A videocamera in the parking lot pictured apparently was not working, according to Sempey.

Several strip clubs and late-night bars dot the industrial strip along East Street. The strip is part of an industrial zone that the city created by the Mill River when the construction of I bisected the Wooster Square neighborhood a half-century ago. Halpern said the bars have been good tenants. Your :. Message: Sent: Aug 14, am.

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What a shame. Very sad indeed. It should be a city ordinance that all nightclub type bars have WORKING video cameras that record over their parking lots and property.

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How many people have to get hurt or killed? And without anyone being brought to justice? You were lucky if they were at any time a part of your life. They will both be sooo missed. I could never forget you guys.

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You will forever be in my heart, R. Ensley is a great guy, a really good hearted person. And any friend of his i wouid say the same. My condolences to all family and friends of Ensley and joey. They did not deserve this. I just hope the police really search for the definite suspect and not just grab just anybody just because.

The killer will reap what he sowed. Why did they report conflicting statements? One line says they were in the club, the next says it was undetermined if they were in the club. Maybe they had not been in either place. You should report the facts only.

Another murder in Fairhaven Wow. When is the man in charge of Fairhaven going to take back the street. The city needs to realize Fairhaven is out of control what are the police out there doing. Wake up people let take our street back from these thugs. Let get a new boss out here to clean the streets up. Bar Strip Several strip clubs and late-night bars dot the industrial strip along East Street.

Melissa Bailey helped report this story. Share this story with others. Please NHPD, please catch the murderer s - like you did the cat killer.

Catwalk new haven strip club

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