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Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. I would love to meet an easy going, fun and sweet lady for companionship in SL. I'm not coming in SL to deal with any of that. We'll have a relationship where we go out to dinner, dancing, sailing or any fun activity, we can spend time cuddling by a fire, talking, Dating companion wanted vacations together, intimacy of course. I enjoy spoiling and pampering once a bond has been formed.

I am only seeking one special lady to be my companion and will devote my attention to her WITHOUT the expectation that we need to spend every minute of our log in time together. She will be free to pursue other relationships beyond what we have if this is her wish. We WON'T be dating, partnered, married My preference is a woman 34 years or older please.

Message me inworld if you're interested in knowing more. Interesting, I am not your girl, but your request I find interesting, and maybe there is someone out there who would want to be a part of it. It all sounds kinda sterile to me, but different folks like different things. Looking for a Refined Classy lady Educated and mature dresses to the nines and only be by your arm by the mean time.

It may work for a single girl that has not found anyone but only keep the way your looking. But in a classy dating scene. Classy Romantic or Adult classy places. Good conversation and good spark and romance with a lady by day vixen by night.

Sounds ideal to me hahahaha.

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I am very loyal, caring, protective, I love pampering and I am willing to devote myself to just one female. But without this expectation that I need to be with her every minute I'm online and minus the accusations and misc drama that comes with labels. I have nothing to hide and would gladly lay my SL before her with the prerequisite that she is willing to do the same.

This isn't always the case, though it may or may not be the norm. My partner and I both respect each other's RLs and have schedules that allow just certain hours in SL, and those hours overlap, but not exactly. We both have time here when the other cannot be, and up to 2 hours M-F, when we both are on, often the 2hours gets reduced due to various things in our lives that keep us away. We love the couple time we have, but we also have our time to ourselves. Yes Talli i was in a long relationship, and sometimes we arranged times, and i am married rl too. Ooooh, I know how to create a sterile relationship.

Get married years before you've grown up, then spend a decade figuring out how to unwind the error. Thankfully my ex-hubby and I were able to do it, and remain good friends. We're getting to have so many attributes in common we're almost the same person with perhaps a little vagueness in the gender thing.

I sent an to a friend I'd known since elementary school not that long ago within the last year or so. We'd fallen out of the Dating companion wanted of communicating and had not talked in many years. In explaining who and where I was I said, "It took me a long time to grow up. I didn't mean to imply you'd gotten married in your twenties and are way old, Maddy. Isn't the age of consent in Wisconsin something like, "do you wanna? So you might have been much younger than I'd imagined.

There's a reason we were friends for years. I married my high school sweetheart.

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Been together since I was 15! Married at I just hit 30 and it dawned on us just recently that we really don't know who we are individually and that we may have grown some bad habits by never having any experience of being a single adult on their own. We aren't parting ways just yet. We are going to see if we can work on some self improvement and learn to be more independant even while still together. But, yeah, it's tough.

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I'm 30 and I definitely do not feel like an 'adult. Most marriages take a hit around the 7 year mark for exactly this reason.

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We need our own independence but at the same time are having a hard time letting go so our partner can have their independence. Only most couples do not realize this so all they see is a controlling partner that is also pulling away. It can be a rocky road but your best friend is waiting on the other side.

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I'm not sure what's going on here, but I guess I"ll add my anecdote Dated my now husband at age We broke up for a year and now have been dating my husband for 13 years and we finally decided to tie the knot last year. In two weeks we'll make a year married, all in real life. Our relationship was rocky at first that's what happens when you're both young but we stood by each other and fumbled over a great many things. I can honestly say our relationship is stronger than it's ever been. I wish everyone the best of luck in that regard, heartbreak sucks and long relationships do NOT spare people of it.

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Dating companion wanted

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