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Our Lyme Disease expert, Fred Silverblatt, MD treats adults year-round who have experienced Lyme disease symptoms and for whom treatment has not been successful. His care includes diagnosis and treatment of babesiosis, ehrilichiosis, and other tick-borne diseases. To be seen by Dr. Silverblattyou must have a referral from a doctor. Not everyone diagnosed with Lyme disease has the telltale bull's-eye rash. Symptoms can mimic those of the flu and include fatigue, headache, stiff neck, fever, chills, body aches and t pain.

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If you believe you may have Lyme disease, it is important that you consult with your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States. There are about 20, new cases reported yearly. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria, whose host is the deer tick.

These ticks live in areas with tall grasses or thick brush such as trails, forests, edges of yards, and around stone walls.

Tick Bites \u0026 Lyme's Disease Prevention - Rochelle Samarasekera, DO - Osceola Medical Center

The months of June to September carry the highest risk of acquiring Lyme disease, although you can get it in the early spring and late fall as well. There is no vaccine but, fortunately, Lyme disease can be avoided by following a few simple steps.

Wear clothing that's pre-treated with Permethrin or buy the repellent and spray it on your clothing.

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Spray shoes and socks, especially since studies show that you're 70 times less likely to be bitten by a tick if you do. Ticks latch on to the lower part of the leg and climb upward before biting. Spray insecticide to the perimeter of your yard, namely shady areas and perennial beds. No treatment is needed for open, sunny, grassy areas. Pets should be groomed after going outside to remove ticks and treated with tick prevention products.

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Know that deer ticks are much smaller than common dog ticks. They are about the size of a poppy seed. Your pediatrician or family practitioner can provide you with information about pediatric Lyme disease clinics in Rhode Island for children under 18 years of age. Hasbro Children's Hospital has a pediatric Lyme disease clinic. Your child's physician should callto schedule an appointment. Find a Physician.

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How do I help prevent Lyme Disease? Prevention is the key to avoiding Lyme disease. Observe these simple guidelines: Try to avoid walking in tall grasses and brushy areas as much as possible. Keep your grass cut short throughout the summer. If you must be in areas of potential tick exposure, wear protective clothing long pants and shirts and tuck pants into your socks or boots.

Be sure to examine yourself and your children within 24 hours of potential exposure to ticks. Also check your pets for ticks on a daily basis. More Tick Tips Wear clothing that's pre-treated with Permethrin or buy the repellent and spray it on your clothing. You can find additional Information on Lyme Disease here: www.

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