Free Halifax girls

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels. We are currently forming a team of young feminists, who are passionate about inspiring and empowering other feminists and youth. tovolunteer, book a program, or donate! Halifax Branch Leader. Hello everyone!

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As a new member of Indigo Girls, I feel incredibly excited to be a part of an organization that values empowering self-identifying women and feminism as a whole as much as I do. Growing up in the Halifax area, I had strong, inspiring female role models, and I look forward to meeting many more as we expand our branch. I aim to give this back to the community, hoping to inspire and provide mentorship to young girls and women through Indigo GIrls. Growing up in Halifax, involvement in my community has always been super important to me!

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Marketing and Communications Leader. Financial and Fundraising Leader. During my free time I enjoy being with friends and family, cooking and biking.

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Equity and Inclusion Leader. Girls' Club Leader. Welcome to Indigo Girls Group!

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I'm thankful to work with fellow women who feel as passionate as I do about gender equity and encouraging women to be unapologetically themselves. Despite the advances that we and our fellow feminists have accomplished, we still encounter adversity: within political legislation, institutional inequities, health care, social policy, multimedia, our relationships with others, and more.

There is still a great need to teach young girls to analyze these aspects of life through a critical lens, encourage them to work together, and help them to discover confidence within themselves.

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Happy to be part of the Indigo Girls family and help cultivate an equitable environment in Halifax! I am thrilled to be a part of the team to bring Indigo Girls to the East Coast! Growing up, I felt isolated from other girls in my community, and I think Indigo Girls is a great way to bring together Halifax youth to make a sincere difference in their journey through life.

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Emily Carter. Haley Glazebrook.

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Katelyn Dickey. Sarah Schwartz. Sarah Savoy. Stephanie Grantham.

Free Halifax girls

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