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She had been a marathon runner herself. At a real low point in her condition, she was cared for at the Marie Curie Hospice. She rallied after this, but despite a spirited fight, finally lost her battle with cancer a year later. Judith said being able to visit Anne in the hospice at any time of the day made a huge difference for both of them. She added: My job obviously meant I was very busy.

Not having to work around specific visiting times, as you would in a hospital, meant I was able to spend precious time with Anne when it suited us both. That time with her sister-in-law meant so much they were moments that Girl fuck Jabucani hugely to them both. Judith said: The care she received from the nurses was excellent I really can t speak highly enough about how they cared for Anne.

The surroundings were so lovely, the garden was beautiful and I remember the hanging basket outside her room, adding some vibrant colour. To all the marathon runners, relay teams, walkers and fun runners that helped create s big moment that matters at the start of the 34th Deep RiverRock City Marathon in support of Marie Curie thank you! You chose to go the extra mile and to make this year s race your moment that mattered. You did it to remember a loved one, thank the nurse who provided care to your family and show support for a friend or a colleague living with a terminal illness.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and the money you have raised will enable Marie Curie to continue to provide its services both in the community and at its Hospice. Head of fundraising Ciara Gallagher, said: The level of support at this year s marathon for Marie Curie surpassed anything we ve witnessed before. The sea of yellow on the start line was an amazing sight to behold.

To see so many people turning out for the charity was simply fantastic. More than 3, people laced up their trainers and took to the streets of as a motivation to celebrate and acknowledge the work Marie Curie does across Northern Ireland. While to many people this position will be new, the reality is that for a of years now Marie Curie has been providing care and support to people diagnosed with a variety of non-cancer illnesses. Ciara said the decision to include all terminal illnesses is very much based on need. She added: More than 3, people turned out to support Marie Curie at this year s Deep RiverRock City Marathon this is the same of people in Northern Ireland who have been identified in a recent London School of Economics report, commissioned by Marie Curie, who potentially could have a better quality of life through palliative care but aren t getting it.

By extending our reach we will be able to help more people and their families that are living with a terminal illness provide new and improved services and fund more research into terminal conditions. To help reach more people, Marie Curie has been implementing a of new services. One will be the charity s Helper Service which places volunteers with a person living with a terminal illness for up to three hours per week. From there it s up to the person to decide what they d like to do. This could be going for a walk, having a chat or You chose to go the extra mile to help us. Thank you Message to 3, runners from Marie Curie visiting the shops.

Marie Curie has rolled out its new Rapid Response Service in partnership with the health and social care boards. It provides flexible and responsive palliative care at short notice to patients living with a terminal illness at home and, where possible, helps to reduce the need for hospital admission. Finally, this year marks a ificant milestone for Marie Curie as it celebrates 50 years of care in Northern Ireland.

Such longevity simply would not be possible without the support of the public. Ciara said: As a charity we are fortunate to have such wonderful support every time we ask our supporters go the extra mile whether that is hosting a Blooming Great Tea Party, participating at one of our Walk to Remember events or by making a regular donation.

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This year s marathon has been no different. So, from everyone at Marie Curie, I d just like to say a huge thank you. Your fundraising has been out of this world. All the money you have raised will stay in Northern Ireland, and will directly support patient s right here through Marie Curie nursing service in the community and the Hospice.

If you would like to receive more information about Marie Curie and its services, call or see how to get involved at org. The teams took a degree of inspiration from One Direction in fact they had a little fun with their team photos, adding their physiques to the picture. Girl fuck Jabucani No Direction and having assessed their running ability the teams decided to focus on team spirit and completion rather than speed. While marathon day was a lot of fun, there was also a serious side to things.

Hastings Hotel Group has had a lengthy relationship with Marie Curie and the teams were determined to do all they could to raise as much as possible for the charity. While the company manages some of Northern. Led by Dr Jennifer Doherty, co-medical director at Marie Curie s Hospice in, the medical team has a varying degree of running experience. At the head of the class is Dr Charlene Neill who put the team together. She is a keen runner who is currently in training for this year s Dublin Marathon. Dr Carol Stone, a consultant in the hospice, is no stranger to running and is a veteran of the Dublin Marathon.

Dr Sarah McKenna, an oncologist from the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre completed the medical membership of the team and has ly participated in the relay. The team was in need of another runner so Jennifer wasted no time in recruiting her brother Michael not a bad choice given he has completed the Geneva, Dublin and Connemara courses.

Michael was delighted to support Marie Curie and also become the third member of the team from Derry. In the lead up to race day the team spent a fair bit of time training. Jennifer explained: Being a doctor at the Marie Curie Hospice is incredibly rewarding and it is a busy job. Trying to fit training into your life is never easy but we have all managed to do it and have enjoyed it. Marie Curie is an extraordinary charity. In Northern Ireland we have our Hospice which serves an inpatient and outpatient population and a region-wide Marie Curie Nursing Service.

These services can make an enormous difference to patients Girl fuck Jabucani their families when it really matters. I know people have lots of choice in terms of which charity to support. It makes it all the more meaningful then to see the level of support for Marie Curie. We are hoping family, friends and supporters will cheer us along on the day and we really appreciate the generosity of all of those who have contributed to our fundraising.

Whatever the final total is, it will go a long way and will allow us to help fund our services throughout the country and at the Hospice. Thank you so much for your support. All the known by many of us for its ducks. The charity will use the money to support those people To mark the group s involvement in the marathon, and and their families living with a terminal illness. As you can imagine it ducks.

Finally a big thank you from No Direction to everyone The motivator duck has gone down so well that the at that cheered them on, especially those that created a team at Hastings has decided to produce a special huge amount of noise at the Marie Curie cheer stations smaller limited edition version. The marathon may be you certainly helped is over the line. After a bit of thought I opted for a cycle challenge that started in London and finished in Paris. The event was a fabulous experience not only did I meet some brilliant people but I also got to hear so many stories about how Marie Curie had helped loved ones, families and friends pretty powerful stuff.

Now I m no runner not even at a stretch, but that doesn t matter. What s important for me is to help. We Finish? It s about two miles from a kind of elation that can invoke tears and an emotional rollercoaster that throws joy and pain at you in equal measure. It is here the people who decided some months back to do the Marathon know they are close to the end of their journey. They ve been training for months, setting off for a run as often as they can, but like most of us missing the odd one here and there.

The time s been done, though, the long slogs, the runs in the rain, the drinks missed because they wanted to wake up early for a hard session. Yesterday, the May The Forth Be With You theme was all go at the Parador Bar who played a few Star Wars tunes as the lead runners neared the top of the Ormeau Road, while across the way on the Ravenhill there was some Samba to help the runners on their final stretch.

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As they made their way to Ormeau Park the winners took to the podium and everyone lay on the grass eating crisps. The full marathon people looking mostly wrecked pushed down the Ravenhill with their blue s while fresher-looking relay runners forged for home with red s.

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Then there were those who ran not just for time but for a cause. He was inspired to take on his first marathon three years ago to raise money for the hospice, who looked after his daughter Aimeerose until she passed away in Darren said: My wee girl spent three years in the NI Hospice. She was life limited from birth with problems with her hearts, lungs, the whole heap, she was only given weeks to live at birth but she hung on for three years.

We were introduced to the Hospice then and they were absolutely amazing. In the last four years, he estimates he has raised around 50, for the hospice which provides specialist care to lifelimited children. Darren said he didn t immediately start fundraising but after watching the marathon every year and seeing who everyone else was running for, he said he had a lightbulb 11 moment. He added: I was going out every year and watching the marathons, and I thought I need to do that.

So from there I just got stuck in, started fundraising for them, and my work, Royal Mail, has been absolutely fabulous in helping me raise so much for the hospice. Darren finished this year s marathon in around the 4. He added: I ll keep doing it and keep raising money for them, they helped us immensely. Anne Hannan, the face of Marathon charity Marie Curie, laughed as she desrcibed her first marathon in 10 years as cruel.

Drinking a miniature bottle of prosecco after her gruelling effort, she said it was a hard slog but well worth it. She added: People actually recognised me from the blog I did in the Mirror and were cheering me on which was a huge boost.

It was a great day, if a wee bit warm, but I m sure that helped bring people on to the streets. The support was just brilliant. I m wrecked now and I managed to get in in around 4. The Marathon 1 Now For C Dereks Dames Conlig P. C Where s Gemma? Patrick Monahan 2. Jim Corbett 3. Karol Doherty 4. Donald Paterson Mike Stewart

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