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And guys — even if you're married, this information is still gold for impressing your wife. We know the function of suits — high-standard clothing for business and fancy events. Suits aren't the most commonly worn outfits for first dates BUT the ladies love them every now and then.

They like it when you dress to impress for special occasions like your wedding anniversary.

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They appreciate that effort. But whenever you wear a suit it's got to be the right fit. So women are particularly drawn to well-fitting suits because of how masculine they make a guy look. Trimmed waist, bigger shoulders and hands — these are the factors that command attention.

Any man can put on a suit. But a guy who doesn't allow the suit to overpower or make him feel uncomfortable is the one who stands out from the rest. He's the one seen by women and the rest of society as powerful and successful. Many of us use smartphones to tell time, but the more polite way to check the time is a simple flick of the wrist, especially in social settings.

For this reason, every man needs a good watch. And the second obvious reason — women like men who pay attention to details. So if you have an effortless timepiece on your wrist — it catches their eyes. Watches say a lot about a man's personal style. It makes a great conversation starter with a woman you approach. This article is sponsored by Roman. Roman is changing the way men solve their health problems. They strive to be the easiest, safest, most affordable and most discreet way men receive treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

With Roman you get access to the top US d physicians who will review your treatment requests and write you a prescription online. A nice scent is often the 1 Great girl looks for guy for women in choosing a potential partner. It shows women rate olfactory smell cues as more important than visual cues. Your goal now should be getting the right product that will give you the best scent. Since everybody's different — it depends on your body chemistry. You may have to try a of samples before you find one that truly works. Here's an article you can read to learn about the different fragrances for men.

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Pink has an appeal that goes beyond these socially constructed views on masculinity. There's a lot of confidence it takes for a guy to wear pink specifically pastel pink and not bright pink. Women like that kind of boldness. Pink is also associated with positive emotions. French researchers at the University of Poitiers made a study about the color pink in The findings showed that those wearing pink appear happier than they are.

Somehow pink along with green and white accentuates happy faces and downplays not-so-happy ones. And we know the ladies respond well to good vibes and energy. The best of both worlds: boxer briefs combine the shape of boxers with the close-fitting feel of briefs. You can wear them comfortably at the gym or whenever you go for a run.

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But why they love them? They fit you just right and neither look too loose nor too tight. Jeans are timeless clothing items. Any guy regardless of age or body type needs a good pair of jeans in his closet. Denim jeans have always been a part of American pop culture.

Just look at the iconic cowboy characters that dominated Western films. Women loved men in jeans back then — and it appears they always will. Those men in Hollywood may look amazing in jeans but the real world isn't as glamorous.

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The trick is to go 1 size down or try a different fit. Avoid baggy or carpenter jeans altogether. They say the eyes are windows to the soul. So that makes shoes the windows to your style. You always want a good pair to show that you pay attention to the small details in style.

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Flimsy shoes make you look cheap. Worn-out shoes make it seem like you don't take care of yourself. But stylish ones — Oxfords, Monk Straps, Italian moccasins etc. These are the kinds worth investing in. Women love them because leather indicates wealth and status. Remember that the type of leather also plays a part. In general, suede goes well with social settings while calfskin suits slightly dressier events.

These are some basics to follow if you want to bring up your style game. Cashmere is a lightweight kind of wool that offers great insulation. Compared to regular sheep wool it makes a sweater more functional and fashionable. It adds a lot of softness to your style and women love to touch it. The same Men's Health that showed women's preference for boxer briefs also had a survey on textures of clothing. The show that men who wear cashmere sweaters attract more women than other types such as leather, silk and normal wool.

So even though cashmere costs more as Kashmir goat hair is limited in supply you should consider its long-term benefits. It will come in handy when you want to get close to a woman. You can use it to make her feel safe and warm. The more she touches, the more she'll like being around you.

One thing that gives V-necks an edge over crew neck outfits is the power of the V shape. It's more versatile — you can wear plain white V-neck and it doesn't resemble an undershirt. The shape also makes your cheekbones appear wider than your jawline. That gives athletic guys an even stronger appeal. Women are drawn to clothes that strike the right balance between casual and dressed-up — which V-necks do effortlessly. The V de is a safe bet for most occasions. But be careful to avoid V-necks that go too low and overexpose the chest. This last item requires no shopping or rummaging in your closet.

It has everything to do with your face — especially your mouth. Research shows smiling is the simplest and cheapest way to make one more attractive. Smilers are judged as having better health, openness, and trustworthiness than non-smilers. It doesn't matter whether they really feel happy.

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A beautiful smile is what attracts a woman to a man at first sight. So say cheese all the time. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Floss regularly and drink lots of water. Use breath mints.

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And pay your dentist a visit every 6 months. You don't want your best smile ruined whenever you need it most! Also, see this for some ways you can get your teeth whitened at home. Nothing can replace confidence. You may have fantastic clothes. Your smile may look like it came off an ad. But if you lack confidence, it shows and eventually distracts from everything else. If you learn to feel great about yourself… everything gets easier!

You start believing you're attractive. Your words and gestures become natural. Your sense of humor comes out. You actually enjoy the occasion. You OWN your look and show no s of trying hard. And all those things can potentially win a woman over.

Great girl looks for guy

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