Hookers in Juneau Alaska

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Do you know which bar is the oldest in Alaska?

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How about what the relationship was, in the s, between Juneau police and prostitutes? Alaska Prohibition lasted 15 years, from to Territorial officials ordered an end to prostitution in Alaska inthough it likely continued in Juneau until Many of those blotters are now in public archives.

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Federal marshals took care of felonies, and the police dealt with local eventss. The blotter provides insights into daily life.

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Wives or husbands might wander away. They regularly had to euthanize dogs and cats, disposing of their bodies through a hole in a dock, enclosed by a fence.

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They ensured that people diagnosed with venereal diseases got treatment Lerman thinks Juneau had the highest rate of venereal disease in the territory. Who knows.

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I think we should accept it or at least understand it. Kashevaroff Library, Archives and Museum building since it opened in June. You are accepted, and you are not alone and you most certainly belong — no matter what! When they come, will you still be standing when the clouds disperse?

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Next Group talks about path to healing over village burned decades ago. Thank yous for the week of July Douglas Fourth of July Committee shares winners The committee sponsored a wide range of contests.

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Juneau students earn academic honors, awards Recognitions for the week of July 4, Gimme a Smile: Step right up and make your choice Life is full of choices, large and small.

Hookers in Juneau Alaska

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Sex worker group pushes to change law allowing police to have sex with prostitutes before an arrest