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It's a widespread problem and that late night rumination causes a lot of people fatigue and, annoyingly, more worry.

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Professor of Clinical Neuroscience Sean Drummond, who's the director of the Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Programme at Monash University, ed Afternoons and tells Jesse Mulligan why worries invade our mind just as we are trying to sleep. Photo: RF. Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, is when it lasts three months or more and is experienced by around 15 percent of the adult population.

Sleep Hygiene: Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep and Sleep Better

Most people who have a bad time sleeping do so because of a stressor in their life and their sleep goes back to normal when their stress resolves. That then generally le to negative emotions such as anxiety or depression.

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What happens, essentially, is that all this time in bed stressed out and worrying and ruminating starts to send these als to the brain saying, the bed is a place to be awake and to worry, rather than the bed is a place to be comfortable and relaxed and falling asleep. As our sleep gets degraded by conditioned arousal, or anything from shift work to a crying baby, the emotional part of the brain becomes overactive when it should be relaxing.

Guided Sleep Meditation: The Haven of Peace. Ultra Deep Relaxation. Dark Screen

Another aspect of sleeplessness is people who are able to get themselves to sleep but find they wake up in the middle of the night. Drummond says this too can trigger a conditioned arousal as people start to stress about things like whether they will get more sleep before their alarm goes off and they need to head into work.

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Drummond says we should be very wary of using our devices before bedtime or if we wake up in the middle of the night. You have a great chance of success if you work with somebody who is specialised and trained in this particular area. Podcast MP3 Oggcast Vorbis. From Afternoons with Jesse Mulliganpm on 15 April Ever gone down a negative rabbit hole of thoughts just before bed? Tags: health science Sean Drummond sleep sleeping.

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