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Citation: DOI:. Download PDF. Introduction: We verified the relation between sexual function and genital self-image in practicing physical activity women in gyms. Materials and Methods : Cross-sectional study with women yearsphysical exercise practitioners, not pregnant. Data collection was conducted through self administered questionnaires, filled individually containing sociodemographic and clinical information, the FSFI and the FGSIS.

: We analyzed women with the highest average age in exclusively female gym Conclusion : The suggest that practicing physical activity women with adequate sexual function have more positive genital self-image. The female sexual function represented by sexual response and characterized by the desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution phases; may be influenced by psychosocial and physiological aspects.

A sexual dysfunction SD occurs when one of the phases is compromised. SD is multifactorial in its etiology and contains a complex physiopathology. Physical activity has many proven benefits that prevent cardiovascular dysfunction, obesity, among others, however there is an unknown pelvic floor threshold response for practitioners. The present study attempted to address these limitations. We verified the relation between sexual function and genital self-image in women regularly registered in gyms. We also analyzed the ambience influence, if the gym was exclusively for females, or if there were men attending the gym.

Our hypothesis was that a more favorable genital image would correlate to an adequate sexual function; furthermore, we assumed that the genital self-image would be more positive in women. This cross-sectional study was conducted at several gyms located in the cities of Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Brazilfrom February to July Inclusion criteria were women 18 to 60 years oldnon-pregnant, and practicing physical activity. Women were invited by the students trained to administer to the study and the self-applied questionnaires were given to participants in a quiet and reserved place.

The investigation initially included socio demographic information age, education, marital status and income ; clinical information body mass index - BMI, delivery, hormone use, reproductive period, and the of gynecological and pelvic surgeries. The sexual function was evaluated by the FSFI, which is a questionnaire that has already been translated and validated to the Portuguese Brazilian language, it is self-applied, and indicated to clinical and epidemiological studies.

However, in the questions about pain, the score is quantified inversely. This instrument does not indicate the phase of the sexual response that might be modified, yet, values equal or under 26 indicate sexual dysfunction.

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The genital self-image was evaluated by the FGSIS, which is composed of seven questions and has an answer scale of four points in decreasing order completely agree, agree, disagree, completely disagree. The total score may vary from 7 to 28 points; higher scores indicate a more positive genital self-image.

To attend the necessities to evaluate the genital self-image in the present study, the authors translated the scale themselves. In the descriptive analysis, the categorical variables BMI, type of gym, education, marital status, income, delivery, hormone use, menopause, pelvic surgery, genital surgery, sexual function were presented in absolute frequency and quantitative variables age, genital self-image, sexual function by mean and standard deviation.

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The initial sample was composed of women that practiced physical activity, in which 37 participants were excluded because did not respond completely the FSFI and FGSIS questionnaire Figure 1. Source: main author. When comparing the. When considering the places of the two types of gym participants, a weak and positive correlation was maintained in both Table 3.

Analyzing the multiple regression logistic between the independent variables with sexual function, it was observed the influence of genital self-image with statistic ificance. To our knowledge this is the first study that evaluates the relationship between genital image and sexual function in women that practice physical activity. The fact that they are practicing physical activity did not modify the positive correlation between sexual function and genital self-image.

This result corroborates with other reports that used the same instruments of this study FGSIS and FSFI to evaluate the association between sexual function and female genital self-image; that also found a more positive perception of the genital area in women with adequate sexual function.

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The presence of the opposite gender in the same place where the women performed their physical activity did not influence their genital self-image. However there was interference on the sexual response in the desire phase.

The score values on the FSFI desire domain were higher in women registered at gyms with both gender frequenters, and single women with lower mean age approximately 32 years old. The present study analyzed, in a multivariate way, the influence of independent variables, like BMI, use of hormones and age, either on the sexual function and genital self-image. It was revealed that even if there is interference of these variables, the sexual function and genital self-image are related, in spite of the low correlation. Women classified as obese preferred gyms exclusive for women.

However the body mass index did not influence sexual function or genital self-image. This statement goes against Esposito et al. According to Satinsky et al. Similarly, there are Prado and colleagues, who found Preliminary studies have been contributing to quantify by means of questionnaires, the self-perception of the female genital region, for example the Female Genital Self Image Scale FGSIS.

This is a reliable measurement method and validated in other places and translated to different languages. In spite of a weak correlation, we found that women who practiced physical activity presented a genital self-image that interacts positively with the sexual function. Future studies are necessary to compare sedentary and physically active women as well as stratify the types and levels of physical activity for IPAQ.

We concluded that practice physical activity women with adequate sexual function have more positive genital self-image. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially. Withdrawal Guidlines. Publication Ethics. Withdrawal Policies Publication Ethics. Introduction: We verified the relation between sexual function and genital self-image in practicing physical activity women in gyms Materials and Methods : Cross-sectional study with women yearsphysical exercise practitioners, not pregnant.

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