Lets skip the small talk and fuck

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Your shoulders tense up. Your breathing quickens. The weather? The bus being late? But then what would I say after that small talk?! Do I sit next to her? Strangers that spark our interest are a rare breed. That was the beginning of a 3-year relationship.

Gamma Skies - Skip the Small Talk

People want to have fun, engaging and weird conversations, just like you do. They want to skip the small talk too. Follow up: Would you say it was worth it? Like how does it make your life better?

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Follow up: Are you the kind of person who travels more for adventure or relaxation? Follow up: Are you the kind of person who gets annoyed by little things or are you pretty zen? The genuine connections you do make will be worth the rejections times over.

Say it how you would say it. Try saying it in front of a mirror. Do you come across as genuine? Adjust your gestures, posture and smile until you do. If this is all still too difficult for you, then try starting at step one of these 10 steps that help you improve your conversation skills. That girl in the bookstore might have taught you something new. That guy in the cafe might have introduced you to your next client.

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Walking around Barcelona asking people weird questions about sex. Follow up: What do you enjoy about that? Follow up: How did you get into that? When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Skip the Small Talk - Gamma Skies - Lyrics / Lyric Video

Follow up: Do you remember what made you want that? First thing that comes to mind. Follow up: Tell me about it. Follow up: Did you come to any life-changing realisations?

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Are you a risk taker, or do you prefer playing it safe? Follow up: Can you give me an example? Follow up: What makes them say that? Even though you know you should do it. Follow up: What stops you from doing that? Follow up: Did you apply it? Are you usually lucky or unlucky? Follow up: What do you think makes you lucky or unlucky?

Do you like change, or do you like things to stay as they are?

Lets skip the small talk and fuck

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How To Avoid Annoying Small Talk