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Future Creators is a non-profit organization based at the University of Alberta that inspires future engineers and technology innovators by providing youth with the mentors, knowledge, and resources to bring their own technology projects to life. Students are matched with a pair of knowledgable university engineering student mentors.

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Additionally, these student mentors have access to support and guidance from the University of Alberta Engineering Faculty. Our projects usually use some combination of Arduino, 3-D Printing, and Coding. To establish a base of knowledge for any students who need it, we have beginner courses in all these areas. We give any parts needed for free of charge!

From Arduinos mini-computers to sensors, wires, batteries, 3D-printer access and 3D printing filament. We make sure students have all they need to make their idea a reality. Arduinos are microcontrollers mini-computers that act as the brains for many projects. Working with Arduinos involves everything from wires and electric basics voltage, current, ground to all sorts of sensors, motors, and even programming the Arduino itself!

There are endless coding languages, everything from C to Python to Java.

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Working with programming involves everything from the basics, such as variables, decision making statements and functions, to more complicated topics such as neural networks and machine learning! Working with 3D Printing involves a wide range of topics such as: 3D printer operation and troubleshooting techniques, dimensioning, and 3D modeling. From a cube to a pangolin look it up, it's a mammal that looks like an armadillo!

I'm currently in my fourth year of Electrical Engineering. I'm excited to share my passion for engineering, and inspire young innovators. I can't wait to see the projects they'll create! Outside of studying, you can find me reading, writing just finished my fantasy novel!

I'm going into my fourth year of studying Computer Engineering. I'm looking forward to continuing to help students with projects, even during the pandemic! I enjoy music, singing, training calisthenics, and computers. I'm currently in my 3rd year of Software Engineering. I mostly work behind the scenes, but sometimes make an appearance as a mentor : Other than studying, I love binge watching Netflix and going to concerts!

I am the touchpoint between mentors and Future Creators. In my spare time, I enjoy staying active by running, swimming, playing badminton, and doing taekwondo :.

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I'm in my third year of the mechanical engineering co-op program at the University of Alberta. I have a passion for education and I can't wait to share that with all of our new innovators! I love art, music and spending time outdoors.

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Hi there! I'm currently studying under the Business faculty, majoring in ing. I'm responsible with all things financial in our club. I'm in my 3rd year of Business majoring in Finance. Within the team, I am responsible for creating strategic partnerships with organizations as well as overseeing all marketing and media communications. I see so much potential in the trajectory of our group and that excites me. I love to workout, play video games, and draw. Looking for anything uofa a VP Logistics, I am mainly responsible for the management of the school mentorship program and will also provide other administrative support.

In my free time, I like to paint, read, or watch Netflix. I am going to second year of Chemical Engineering. My role is to establish communication between the mentors and mentees. I am very excited to be a part of Future Creators and help inspire future engineers! I am a big football fan and love to workout. I am currently studying Computer Engineering and developing machine learning projects for Future Creators. I am a photographer and videographer, and passionate about Taekwondo.

Hey everyone, my name is Ayaan and I am going into my fourth year of studying Electrical Engineering. I am currently working on the Arduino team, and making projects and kits for that as we enter the fall semester this September. In my spare time, I am a fan of playing video games, biking and learning new skills! Hello, I'm a 3rd year computing science major with a biology minor. I currently help with developing the 3D printing curriculum, kit development and help with mentoring as well. While mentoring I love hearing the Future Creator student's project ideas. In my spare time I love to learn new skills like juggling and solving rubics cubes; I love to build things and eat ice cream.

Hey, I'm Andrew and I'm in my second year of Engineering. My passion is robotics, whether its programming or deing. Aside from my engineering hobbies, I also enjoy working out at the gym, basketball, skateboarding, and video games.

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About Us. Mentors Students are matched with a pair of knowledgable university engineering student mentors. Resources We give any parts needed for free of charge! Arduino Arduinos are microcontrollers mini-computers that act as the brains for many projects. Coding There are endless coding languages, everything from C to Python to Java. Meet the Team. Executive Team.

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Jie Fan Vice President jie ualberta. Paige Lekach VP External plekach ualberta. Weilin Co-VP External wqiu ualberta. Natalia Oltuszyk VP Finance oltuszyk ualberta. Nico Leung VP Marketing sheungfe ualberta. Krishnika VP Logistics krishnik ualberta. Pranav VP Communications pkhanna ualberta. Team Le. Weichen Web development Project wqiu1 ualberta. Ayaan Ahmed Robot Arm Project ayaan1 ualberta. Mahmoud Asadie Quadcopter Project asadie ualberta. Matthew Zita mzita ualberta. Faris Kazmi fariskazmi uafc.

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Looking for anything uofa

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