Looking for good friend and texting buddy

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Thank you for selecting my answer as the best answer. And Good luck with everything. I seriously need to meet new people and have a new texting buddy. I have been staying safe with the people I've been friends with for years.

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Anyone know a good way to get a new texting buddy. Honestly I don't want some creep or anyone looking for anything sexual.

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Thanks :. Share Facebook. How to get a good texting buddy? Add Opinion.

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Well I mean I kinda got turned into a texting buddy because I always had interesting things to say and I seemed to care about the other person and they would tell me stuff and Id give them good advice. I didn't know I was texting buddy until she ended up telling me that.

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She said I had become a good texting buddy. I was like huh, I did not know that and I didn't know if that was a good think or bad thing and where that ranked us as friends. That one is over now though. But I guess what is it you want a texting buddy for? Just when you are bored or like you want a girl friends to share everything with?

If for bored than you can find one anywhere basically by just having a never ending conversation. Eventually that person gets used to texting you and just says what's up and starts a convo whenever they feel it as been a while since you have texted.

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If you want a good friend to share everything with then that's gonna be more difficult. And for that I am not sure. I guess if you want a random person, talk to people on here and see if you liked them through chat and after you get to know them a while and like them, just make them your texting buddy. I think you can find a texting buddy anywhere. The hard thing is that it's hard to find a texting buddy that texts constentley. Maybe yo ucna a free dating website and just state that your looking to make new friends. And see what happens.

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I think making friends over times get hard and is very difficult because friends change and people change. I thin kit's importnat to try and find peopel to text that have similiar interest like yourself. Yo ucna find them anywehere. In person online.

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You just have to get to know peopel and hopefully they can text you and be a good texting buddy. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Long distance good or bad?

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Looking for good friend and texting buddy

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