Looking to talk maybe meet up

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There are two types of dating. One is when you meet the person in real, talk face to face and the other is online. The first kind of dating is pretty simple and everything is out in the open.

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However, online dating can be quite tricky. You meet so many people online.

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You fall for somebody based on the pictures they have put up on their profile and based on the information that they give you. Everything looks great. You guys exchange s, talk, have endless conversations and the communication is just perfect. But we are sure you do realize that there is a lot that can go wrong. And of all the problems that can happen in online dating, we will talk about the one common problem — being stood up.

So you have been talking to this person and everything feels great and you both talk a lot. The talking goes on for weeks and months, but this person has not met you yet. You have dropped subtle hints of meeting up and sometimes you have even directly asked, but they give you too many reasons and avoid meeting. Annoying right? No more confusion, because we will tell you why this happens. These 7 tips will help you make the perfect dating profile!

So maybe you started off this whole online dating thing expecting to have a real relationship. Your date just wants somebody to talk to and feel good about. For your date this is a luxury you are providing. This is easy as compared to being in a relationship and that is exactly why your online date refuses to meet you in person. Maybe the profile is full of fake pictures and maybe your date has lied about age, appearance and meeting you in person means getting busted. It is more likely that the person is just catfishing.

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And this is one reason that can be more common than the rest. The internet can be a really bad place, so be careful who you talk to and who you trust. Your date may be jobless and have nothing great to do right now.

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You guys talk, share things and basically keep each other occupied. Though you want things to move forward, your date is pretty comfortable in this phase and does not really want to change. Your date would just prefer the talking and conversations and does not want this thing to culminate into something else. Before you are surprised, let us tell you, all this is very common in online dating. You will never be able to tell if the person is in a relationship or married or single. It is quite tricky. And if your date just does not want to meet you and just stick to talking, it is because they already are in a relationship.

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Now the last one is, maybe your date is just shy and reserved. None of the above reasons matter if the your date has a very shy personality. Introverts take a lot of time to open up. So the best thing you can do in such a situation is to continue talking and make your date feel comfortable. The most important thing that your date needs to know is that you are a nice person. Now you know why your date refuses to meet you. You have to figure out which one of these reasons fit the best in your case.

Just be sure that whatever you do, be safe and smart. Found this story interesting? Like our Facebook to such articles. Also, share your comments below.

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Looking to talk maybe meet up

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Looking to talk maybe meet up