Love in orford

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Author and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz visited Woodbridge to give a talk hosted by Jules Button from the Woodbridge Emporium about his life and works. We caught up with him to talk about his home in Orford, his love for Suffolk and how he plans to spend eternity in the county.

COM - Credit: citizenside. I walk along Butley Creek and back along through. I would do the one-hour version or the three-hour version depending on how I and my dog are feeling. Often one of my favourite walks is to start in Melton to walk across to Woodbridge following the railway line and then I keep going and the path takes you all the way along the river and you can get right to the very end and you can loop round up I think Sandy Lane. You cut up the hill and on your right is that road that le you up the hill that le you back down the hill again and then turn left into Woodbridge round to Woodbridge high street.

Stop there for a sandwich and then back through the railway, down and back to Melton.

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I first came here to buy a bed in Framlingham. There was a wonderful second-hand bed shop and my wife wanted a second-hand bed: which we still have because we bought it.

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We did a bed and breakfast in Southwold for some reason but we had bought the bed from Framlingham and had fallen in love with Suffolk by the time we had got the bed home. Why am I bothering? We rented a house there for about 12 years, maybe longer and as the children were growing up we used to drive every weekend across the A12 to go to Orford, to Walberswick, Westleton and Southwold.

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I used to chase them round the cannons when they were little tiny children. We had a very complicated game of cat and it or whatever around the cannons. One day a tiny little house in Orford came up for sale and we managed to buy it. The hotel, The Crown is a setting of the book and one of the main characters lives in Framlingham and it all happens around here.

One of the Alex Ryder novels was set in Suffolk as it happens the very last one. Never Say Die begins in Suffolk, in Felixstowe.

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Plus I wrote a TV show called Injustice some years ago. James Purefoy who starred in it stayed in this very hotel [Seckford Hall] where we are sitting and we used to have dinner with him some nights. If someone was coming to Suffolk for the first time and you could recommend them to go to one place where would that be? I could answer that in 10 or 15 ways. I would probably say go down Orford Ness. Stand on the corner of Orford Ness and Butley Creek and look at the view there and look at the light and the sky.

Every day when I wake up in Suffolk the sky is different. So I would probably say there.

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Although that said there are so many different things. I absolutely love the two ladies there that run it. They make wonderful cakes. Where else would I recommend people in Suffolk? Come back along the coast. I spend the whole summer in Greece and I travel an enormous amount to America, I am always in and out of there and different places in Europe. I will end up in Orford I can tell you that for nothing because I have a plot in Orford cemetery. So one day I am destined to be there for eternity in Orford.

I am writing a TV adaptation of Magpie Murders. So quite a bit.

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Love in orford

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