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This insightful, research-driven book offers practical advice to older adults seeking new intimate relationships, lasting friendships, and better relationships with family members and children. Written to appeal to men as well as women, Mature Friendships, Love, and Romance: A Practical Guide to Intimacy for Older Adults is a serious book about love, romance, intimacy, and sexuality, as well as friendship and family. It is about what happens when older adults lack close relationships and about practical ways to address that isolation and loneliness.

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Through personal stories and vignettes, readers will see how notions of friendship, intimacy, and love change as we age, what mature love is, and what factors can make it challenging. Among the topics discussed are late-life divorces and breakups of long-term relationships; finding new and intimate friendships; resolving problems with adult children that can emerge when you enter a new, loving relationship; and choosing activities to increase your pool of potential friends and mates. Internet dating is addressed, as are the general thoughts and actions of happy people who agree life can start at Morley D.

GlickenPhD, has been a professor, director, and dean of schools of social work. He is currently on the faculty at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ, and is the executive director of the Institute for Personal Growth, a training, research, and practice cooperative in Prescott, AZ, where he lives and works. Late-life divorces and breakups, problems with adult children, and choosing activities to increase your pool of potential friends and mates are some areas explored.

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The author also gives advice on dealing with later-life anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and steering clear of people who are physically and emotionally abusive. The book is written to appeal to men as well as women, with a chapter devoted to men's relationship problems. Libraries Unlimited.

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Available for Course Adoption. Features Presents powerful personal stories about mature love and intimacy Includes case studies of mature adults experiencing love and intimacy problems, offering explanations of the problems and effective and realistic solutions Discusses current research on love and intimacy problems of older adults Highlights Examines how our notions of love, friendship, and intimacy change as we age Discusses mature love, relationship problems, friendships, and family problems, offering insights and solutions Includes frank discussion and relevant information about older adult intimacy, love, and sexuality Explores dating services—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and suggests places older adults may want to live and work to improve their pool of possible love interests and friends.

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Author Info Morley D. From top officials involved in international political affairs to those of us involved in the politics of everyday life, everyone chooses and uses words to position themselves or their beliefs as correct and worthy of support—sometimes with the unintended result of spurring or escalating conflict. Yarber and Paul M. In fact, single-parent families now out two-parent families.

But within that category, there is a surprising range of diversity, with father-headed households undergoing a particularly dramatic rise in. O'Connor and Joseph V. What are the best ways to prepare personnel to perform in dangerous, stressful situations? How can you de equipment that enhances human performance?

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These questions are at the heart of a ificant area of military research—research that has a lot to offer to those who manage high-risk jobs in nonmilitary environments. Economically, we understand how it happened, but why did it happen? What psychological factors fueled the years of excess and how do we refocus ourselves for a more rational, self-controlled future? With 25 percent of Americans now considered affluent, figuring out how to enjoy the good and sidestep the bad should be a topic of "consuming" interest.

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Mature women Morley

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