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Hey girl hey! My passion for working with the women in my community started when a friend asked me to do her boudoir session 6 years ago.

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It made me feel good to see how her session made HER feel good. Now here I am - building an empire to inspire and empower women to love themselves just the way they are and kick ass doing it. Great question. I am formally trained in the art of boudoir specifically and spend thousands going to conferences and workshops to make sure I am educated in the industry so I can give my clients the very best.

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From inquiry to final delivery of your products I walk hand in hand with you to make sure you are prepared and confident as possible. I am an active member of the Association for International Boudoir Photographers which is the only professional organization for boudoir. Only a select few photographers qualify for this association.

I also participate in the Do More Boudoir Photographers group and have been a member for two years.

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Overall, I find it an honor for women to choose me to take such intimate portraits of them because that means they trust me to take care of them and guide them for an amazing experience. An investment in yourself, because you are worth it. Inquire for full pricing.

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Pre-Session payment plans available. Thank you! Your message has been sent.

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We'll contact you shortly. So you are probably thinking I love helping women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Society puts so much pressure on women to be perfect and my mission is to help break that mold and stereotype. Seeing the woman I work with leave my studio with a completely new view of themselves is something I cherish with every single client.

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I firmly believe all women are beautiful and sometimes they just need someone to show them which is where I come in. So, why chose me?

Naked women Bay City

email: [email protected] - phone:(615) 578-1957 x 3056

"The very first boudoir session I captured I knew it was something I wanted to specialize in."