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A date can be a daunting experience in itself especially if it is a first date ekkk but what if it is also raining. All these date ideas for a rainy day have been tried and tested on rainy days all around the world. It was not raining on our first date however, bowling would be a perfect date idea in the rain. Personally, I think it is one of the best rainy day date ideas ever. Bowling is also a perfect ice breaker for awkward conversations that may happen during first dates.

Whether you make a strike or your bowling skills are less than to be desired, bowling is a great idea to get out and have fun while you are getting to know someone. Cooking together really gets the conversation flowing. It is also very romantic to be cooking as the sound rain platters on the roof above.

Cooking together is one of our favourite things to do on a rainy day at home. Jamie Oliver covers some great romantic recipes here. While you are eating your delicious meal, you might like to take turns asking each other some fun couple questions! Going to a bar and making awkward conversation on a first date can be a deal breaker to a potentially very successful relationship.

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A normal cafe may prove a little dull for a first cafe. Research a cool or hipster cafe in your local area to visit. A cat or dog cafe is always a good idea as it prevents awkward conversation from occurring on a first date. In Seoul we visited a Meerkat cafewhich is a very cool experience if you ever visit! While it may be a little corny, rollerblading or indoor ice skating is a perfect first date rainy day idea.

Pick an old favourite like Monopoly or Cluedo and get settled in at home for the night. One of the best nerdy date ideas. Make some yummy snacks and tell tales of old childhood memories. A great way to get to know someone on a deeper level. If you have seen any Hollywood movie you will know that visiting an art gallery or museum is a very romantic date idea. Rainy sunday night love cinema is a pretty iconic first date idea and it also works for rainy days as it is undercover.

Sitting in a car you are still protected from the rain and hearing the rain pelt down on the windscreen as you watch a movie can be a very romantic experience. We went to an awesome drive in cinema called the Starlight Cinema in Atlanta Georgia if you are ever in town! One of the best late night date ideas. When we stayed at Cassia Phuketwe had planned a romantic picnic at the beach. It proved to be a very fun experience. Indoor picnics are one of our favourite indoor date ideas for couples. A pub trivia night is a great idea for a first date on a rainy day as it super fun and can encourage a bit of healthy competition in the relationship.

There are tonnes of places to go on a rainy day for adults but we love the idea of visiting a Karaoke bar. It will take a bit of courage but there is nothing more lovable than seeing someone sing karaoke. Do you remember the famous love scene in PS I love you? Hunting out bargains is always a fun thing to do. We recommend trying on silly outfits to make each other laugh!

A fun idea could be a challenge to find the silliest outfit possible in the store. If you are young at heart, an arcade will certainly be up your alley and there is really no argument that it is one of the best rainy day date ideas!

Why not set up a challenge like trying to visit every bar on a particular street. If ever find yourself in Edinburgh try the Rose St Challenge, that is a drink at every bar on the street! What is more romantic than going for a stroll in the rain with an umbrella in hand. To avoid getting wet you might just have to get snuggly!

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Probably an activity you will forgo on later dates so it is nice to make the most of making crazy decisions while it lasts. On one of our first dates, we did this as we are true coffee fans — a mission to discover the best coffee in the city. If it gets too much with the first two coffees, switch to a drink with less caffeine like hot chocolate. There is no better time to justify spending money on fine dining than on a first date on a rainy day.

There is nothing worse than getting bored on a date and having a myriad of choice can cure the awkwardness! A massage is such a treat and there is no better time to treat yourself than on a first date on a rainy day. You will have a barrel of laughs when you see each other come out in the traditional outfits they provide. Sushi is of course totally delicious but the best thing about a sushi train is the theatrics of the experience.

Below is a super fun sushi restaurant in Toyko where you order what you want and it gets delivered to you. Seeing the chef throw fried egg in the air and getting each party around the table to try to catch it is certainly always a barrel of laughs. Not the most interesting idea, but a very causal, chilled first date which is perfect for a rainy day. Shopping centres are also great for people watching. Rain draws all the weirdos in society to a shopping centre so they are a lot of great people to watch. If you can find a Japanese photo booth, it is particularly fun due to all the weird and wonderful settings — love hearts, red lips, pink cheeks, you name it, they got it!

Who knows you might learn something new. Trying your hand at a new culinary cuisine can be particularly fun and interesting experience. It will also demonstrate how well you cooperate together as a team.

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Go carting outside is very fun but indoor go carts have become very popular in recent years and are a perfect first date idea on a rainy day. If you both have a mutual love of fitness, it would be fun to go to the gym or take a fitness class together. For couples who are into fitness, helping each other with gym equipment can be a particularly rewarding experience.

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Pretend you are Charlie from Willy Wonka and make a journey to discover a chocolate factory. Such a good rainy day date! One of our favourite chocolate cafes is Angelinas in Paris which has now franchised out to all over the world! See if you can find Angelinas in your city. You can thank me later. We love beer and nowadays it is not uncommon for women to enjoy beer as well as men.

Therefore, it is a great first date idea on a rainy day for women and men alike! If you are more wine people, you could always switch the beer for wine and go on a wine tasting journey. It is always good to try something new! You wont be able to frolic in the vineyards outside but the wine tasting itself will be very possible in the rain! My mouth is watering at just the thought of a delicious red wine.

If you love guns, shooting is a fun and slightly exhilarating experience and a great rainy day date! For a slightly different experience, you could play Tejoa game where you aim to hit a small paper triangle packed with gunpowder.

High tea is always so much fun. Sure, this idea is a little more on the feminine side but it will show you how serious he really is about you if he agrees! Whether it is Hearts or Uno it is certainly great way to start a relationship with a bit of healthy card competition.

If you are looking for fun games for couples — check out our favorite at home couples games. Alternatively board games are a fun idea. Here are our favourite board games for couples. Leading on from the above, playing playstation or wii might tickle your fancy more than a board game!

It is a pretty good rainy day date! In some cities nowadays there is indoor put put. A traditionally fun outdoor game which is now indoors. Most driving ranges are undercover so you can hit balls out into the universe until your heart is content. Our favourites are power hour and kings cup. If you cannot be bothered venturing out in the rain for the option above, why not try online gambling. Here is a review of our favourite online gambling site, Right Casino. Right Casino is a comparison site of all different casinos so it is great to be able to compare which casino has the best offers around!

Rainy sunday night love

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