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For the second year in a row, Eugene 4J students claim they have received district-approved sex ed training that they say is abstinence-based and violates their rights. Now, students are taking action. Listen Listening Flyer promoting Richard Wistocki's presentation.

Credit Eugene Police Department. From Decemberthe week before winter break, high school and middle school students in the 4J district were required to attend training on cyberbullying and sexting prevention. The Eugene Police Department partnered with local school districts to provide the training. But many students claim the presentation used fear shaming and victim blaming, and mainly suggested practices of abstinence.

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After seeing what they considered a failure by the school administration to provide adequate sexual education, South Eugene students started the Respect Ed club in The group is composed of student volunteers going into freshman and some upperclassmen classrooms, to give presentations on sexual health—focusing on sexuality and gender, the normalization of sexual violence, and consent and healthy relationships. South Eugene senior and one of the Respect Ed leaders, Lane Mikkelsen, said they try to reach every health class three times with each one of their three presentations.

Although their presentation includes PowerPoint slides, she said they try not to make their curriculum too lecture-based. So if students aren't comfortable voicing questions that they have in front of the entire class, it gives them a different outlet to ask those to us, and then we try and answer them at the end to resolve any last questions. Fellow Respect Ed club member and South Eugene senior Ilka Sankari said Respect Ed volunteers are working to supplement a curriculum that is lacking, due to what she feels is a lack of concern.

To that end, she thinks the current health standards across the country need to be better. We don't have any federal guidelines for it. We don't even require it to be medically accurate in all states. Less than half of the states in the US require sex ed to be medically accurate. Sankari said she re-watched the presentation online so she could use specific quotes that were especially troubling to her.

After the presentation, South Eugene students created a survey asking students to answer questions about the presentation.

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Credit Lane Mikkelsen. Sankari said these words and phrases, as well as only using male, female examples, is not inclusive to LGBTQ students. Richard Wistocki is a nationally-known speaker who has been giving presentations around the country about cyberbullying and sexting prevention for the last 10 years. He said this was the first time students have taken issue with his presentation. That doesn't concern me. It doesn't concern me because it doesn't matter.

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My job is to protect kids from being victims of online predators. Predators go after .

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That's what matters. And it doesn't play a role in any of my presentations. And if they're offended, that's their problem. Students also said the presentation slut shamed women. By talking about how it is not okay for women to send revealing pictures, but when men do it, Churchill freshman Ethan Fodor said Wistocki suggested that it was not a big deal.

And at Churchill, when one student asked about that at the end, he treated it like it wasn't a big deal. Like it wasn't something that was happening. It just wasn't a problem. I'm so glad you gave me this information,'" recalled Wistocki. But Wistocki said that is not true. He said his presenation teaches that there is not discrimination among sex predators because they target boys and girls equally.

Sankari said Wistocki also told stories that acted as cautionary tales about high school and college students who had multiple sexual and romantic partners, and sent pictures to multiple people. She recalled that he connected that to failures later in life, like not getting into colleges or medical programs. Like teaching how to not get raped, rather than how to not rape someone. Mikkelsen thought his aggression was irresponsible for a presenter of such a sensitive subject. According to Wistocki, he has taught at 16 schools across the country over the last two months. And in 10 of those schools, he said he has had 10 victims come forward as victims of sextortion.

Wistocki said he will not change his presentation because of the complaints. He said many Eugene high schoolers thanked him after the presentation. I'm so Sex with him Eugene you gave me the information. My parents told me the same thing, but I didn't believe them. Now I do. And yet, Wistocki himself admits this is part of his message.

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Coming from the Midwest, he said he felt the culture difference while presenting in Eugene, and believes some students were very sensitive. I'm like, what are you talking about? These are students who are very sensitive, and if the staff thought that they were too sensitive, they shouldn't have been there. Altogether, it does not sound like all students took offense. Wistocki also provided a presentation to 4J parents. Nystrom-Costales said he watched it via livestream and was unhappy that the talk suggested that parents should spy on their. And I want to send out that message that these aren't the types of relationships that we need to be having with our parents.

Wistocki said he does not see a problem with his parent presentation either. He said parents are responsible for their kids until they are 18, including their technology. He said his presentation encourages parents to have technology talks with their children so they are informed and know to go to their parents if they are being harassed.

This is not the first time the 4J district has hired a guest speaker who some students say has violated their rights. Last March, Dove Medical was invited to various high schools and middle schools in the district to discuss sexual education.

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But, students believed the presentation predominantly promoted abstinence-only, which is against ODE's rules. ODE rules also state guest speakers need to be researched, vetted, and have all of their research materials approved. Three days after the petition was created in mid-January, it had received atures.

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This feedback was immediately shared to the speaker to avoid repeating in later presentations. The district will continue to review our procedures for guest speakers to enrich and enhance students' education aligned with state standards.

The district plans to undertake a full K—12 health curriculum adoption process soon that will include reviewing human sexuality curriculum. Former Respect Ed students are working to turn their club into a nonprofit that would allow schools across the state, and potentially the country, to access their curriculum that focuses on sexual health education.

Nystrom-Costales said the petition will be online for the foreseeable future, and it is open to the public. After many years of late night meetings, the Eugene 4J school board is switching things up. At the beginning ofthey will start an hour earlier on a trial basis.

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