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Collective members painted their bodies and pressed them onto paper. This work was shown in their first show, at the Mean Queen on May 24th. In Sitka, a town with a major stake in tourism, does erotic art have a place?

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I met with three of the four-member collective—as they prepare for an upcoming show—to discuss how they brought edgy art to this small town. Inanna is having their second show, called HabitusFriday June 22 at the Mean Queen, starting at 7pm. Savannah Rose holds a small tattoo gun, steadying her arm before she leans forward to tattoo a young woman who has bared her shoulder.

She outlines the stars in blue ink, then fills them in with her small vibrating tattoo gun.

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Just after the tattoo starts, three women wearing roller skates and knee p enter the tattoo shop. One of them is Claire Turner, another member of the collective. She tells me she put out a call on social media, asking for models to pose for her. I ended up drawing over forty different women.

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All kind of poses from the back, nudes. The pieces will debut June 22 at the Mean Queen at 7pm. Rose tattoos during the day and at night, her tattoo parlor becomes a drawing space. So, water coloring is really similar to tattooing.

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Blending colors, pushing colors, very similar hand movement as well. Alongside Rose is Heather Bauscher, another member of Inanna. The two women tell me about their motivations for starting the group. A couple years ago, artist Kitty Sopow organized an erotic art show. That was the inspiration for the collective, which now has four members. I found myself making art to sell and not making what I wanted to make. Bauscher also noticed herself censoring her art so she could sell it in Sitka, covering parts of the body in her portraits.

All four of the women in the group—Rose, Bauscher, Turner and Kitty Sopow—make some art that is too edgy for the shops downtown. You can only see so many eagles picking up salmon before it gets monotonous. The women painted their naked bodies and pressed them on paper, creating almost-abstract shapes.

But on closer inspection, the prints revealed intimate anatomy. Inanna is considered the first goddess. Field guide to dead birds. News Tip Button. A Moment Together. Community Calendar. Instagram kcawradio.

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In part three of a series exploring new businesses. While hiking to safety, Jess Coltharp pictured t. Over the last four years, from the Coast of Mexico. Sitka has its first mask mandate. At an emergency. The filing period to run for municipal office open. Sitkan Cathryn Klusmeier has been commercial fishi. Any business person will tell you that timing is i. Fifteen years ago when he began this journey, Rine.

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Sitka women nude

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