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Depending on your current age, 35 may seem like a youthful midpoint or a scary, faraway that makes you think of The Golden Girls. Because believe it or not, that is possible.

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Sandra Bullock is 50, and People just named her the most beautiful person in the world. OK, so, your 30s can be great, but you also might be thinking about things like anti-wrinkle creams and miracle anti-aging remedies a little more often than you were at She writes about purses, relationships, beautiful apartments, and, of course, her neck.

And she manages to make you laugh through it all. Her stories and advice about crying or not at work, female friendships, career, love, and breastfeeding are must-re and they happen to be hilarious, too. This National Book Award winner is one of the most important books of the last century.

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If you love magical realismthis will probably become an instant favorite. Yes, this is a Western. Didion who was just honored by the Authors Guild is one of the best writers of her or any generation. She mixes the personal and the politicalthe intimate and the sensational, and the are always stunning.

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These essays are timeless. Still, The Second Sex is a powerful look at sexuality, identity, and independence — topics that are at the front of your mind around age Millay was a rebellious, bold, legendary icon who blazed her own trail and broke the rules when she wanted to.

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Milford who wrote an excellent biography of Zelda Fitzgerald, as well captures the struggles, triumphs, and mythology of a great poet. Read this one because she might just become the first female president of the United States.

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Her visual style is stunning, and the story and characters will probably feel familiar, no matter where you grew up. Morrison, whose latest novel is causing a stiris one of our greatest living writers — and Beloved is her greatest book. Like read this book. This is probably one of the first books to have a hashtag for a title. Nasty Gal founder Amoruso chronicles her humble beginnings selling clothes and shoes on eBay and turning that one-woman show into a multi-million dollar online fashion phenomenon.

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The husband and wife writing team will pull you out of your breakup funk via humor, tough-love, and personal anecdotes. Read this book and get back out there. Image: Flickr.

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By Dina Gachman and Lily Herman.

Sweet wives seeking sex Milford

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