Thick ladies please

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If growing thick skin is something we can do, sure, why not! Keep feeding us junk and unhealthy nutrients, expose us to UV Ray lights without SPF formula, and we will work on growing thick skin! But then we are expected to be friendly and glowing, for which we are pushed to use steroids containing whitening creams, which makes us thin-skinned, literally and figuratively! So, our niceness makes us vulnerable, and we are thin-skinned!

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Now let me tell you as a doctor, what is the role of skin:. Ample of brainy brag! The perceived calmness of elephants may have led to the word. Do I see a connection? According to Healthline. Your skin is made up of the middle layer called the dermis. Multiply this by the SPF of your product and that is how many minutes you can stay in the sun without burning. In a Forbes article on 7 Ways To Develop A Thick Skin In the Officethe idea of vanity was brought up as well as how learning to be emotionless at a workplace is a gift.

It also asserted that the best thing about developing a thick skin is our newfound calm:. Managers love employees who can survive feedback and grow from it… With your new chill factor, you can weather any criticism. Instead of looking at having to redo work as a negative, look at it as an opportunity to expand your creativity and stretch your mind in a new way. The most desirable trait you can have in the workplace is a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to change. While the author made these suggestions: overcommunicate; establish the deadline; be your own best judge, I could not stop thinking of all the gaslighting tactics I have seen, experienced, and observed!

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In such cases, how can we just grow a thick skin and stay quiet? My answer is no! In these moments, we must learn to set boundaries. Boundaries do not enter the defensiveness patterning. They are not about proving that we are right, and they are wrong. Instead, they let the person know that we have reached our limit with what they say to us or how they are saying it to us! Sociologist Arlie Hochschild has coined the idea of feeling rules.

Feeling rules are the social norms that dictate what an appropriate feeling or gravity of feeling in each situation and when is and for how long we can feel that way. Hochschild also recognizes a difference between feeling rules and different genders. In men, these responses are representations of masculinity and are positive. While it is healthy to learn how to sit with the discomfort of being misunderstood regardless of gender, there are moments when the other person misunderstands you so profoundly, or the misunderstanding is dangerous or harmful to you.

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You must be proactive in standing up for yourself to build or defend a good work reputation, which will support your career success. It is also essential to know when to stand up for yourself.

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But would this make me sound being defensive? Why are you trying to confuse me? Being defensive is about keeping people out and guarding yourself about the information they are giving you. Setting boundaries is about taking the lead in and protecting yourself and potentially saving the relationship from further harm.

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There are very few scenarios in which we genuinely need to defend our point of view. Instead, we are mostly driven to do so by the desire to be right. You can still be respectful and share your surprise by their accusations and that you disagree. Later, take the dispute offline and note that it could be a misunderstanding.


Alice H. Eagly, Ph. In her recent article: Once more: The rise of female leadersshe highlights prescriptive stereotypes that present an agency paradox to aspiring women:. Society prefers that women be nice and kind and not overly harsh or dominating. I have added skin to a list of many. If we are expected to support or stay with situations — thick and thin, even if there are problems or difficulties, please stop mansplaining to us the millimeters of our dermis!

Perhaps, wearing a mask is what we should be advising females!

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It will not protect us, but with the discomfort, people around us will sense when we unconsciously flinch to microaggressions at the workplace! My dermatologist friends can tell more about how thick skin can work as a flexible surface as my histology knowledge is outdated and rusty nowadays. Recycled Stardust. Ladies, please grow some thick skin! Aisha Sanober Chachar Follow.

An Idea by Ingenious Piece. Written by Dr.

Thick ladies please

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