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By Robert Jones Last updated T The Black Friday date is just a couple of months away now so that means there's still plenty of time to get prepped for this year's deals. Each year hundreds of millions of people get their deal-hunting shoes on and dive into the Black Friday sales and the most successful shoppers are often the ones who have come into the event prepared. That's where T3's best Black Friday deals guide really can help. We've created this guide to help you find this year's Black Friday discounts as well to point you to the top shopping destinations to visit.

That means you'll find the very latest information on retailers, discounts, special offers and the products that we're expecting to see get big price cuts over the Black Friday sales period, as this article is being updated regularly. Here at T3 we have been covering the Black Friday sales for well over half a decade, and in that time we've accrued a wealth of handy hints and tips that, if used in conjunction with a bit of perseverance and patience, can lead you to bag that product you've had your eye on for a crazy low price.

Amazon Prime Day took place in June and what that hour event showed us is that, after last year's very unique circumstances, people are chomping at the deals bit to break the lock off their wallet or purse and buy the products they want to spark joy in their lives. Seriously, Prime Day this year was the biggest ever event from Amazon in terms of deals and engagement, and we're expecting the exact same from Black Friday this year, and of course, at a lot more retailers than Amazon.

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So now is the time to get deals-ready. Below you'll find the Black Friday date as well as what to expect during the sale, including what hot products we're expecting to see discounted, such as 4K TVs, wireless headphones, 2-in-1 laptops and smart speakers. There's also a section dedicated to listing the best retailers to check out for Black Friday and early Black Friday deals, as well as a guide to getting a free Amazon Primewhich is really useful to have during the event.

Oh, and finally, we've also got the very latest information on Black Friday PS5 deals. There's good news and bad news on this front, and more can be discovered below, but the crux of the matter is that there are going to be PS5 restocks dropping during Black Friday but gamers shouldn't expect any discounts. Simply use the nearby menu to select the part of the guide you want to read, or scroll down to read everything.

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Black Friday is on Friday 26 November. While Black Friday sales happen all around the world, the origins of the occasion come from the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Black Friday and Cyber Monday traditionally fall immediately after Thanksgiving Thursday, when people are at home with their families and have more time on their hands. However, you can expect retailers to offer plenty of discounts and deals in the days and weeks running up to Thanksgiving and the holiday season as a whole.

Oh, and we'll be bringing you the best Cyber Monday deals too. T3 covers the Black Friday sales each and every year and, as such, we've come to know exactly where the best deals often get dropped. From electronics to clothes, jewellery to smart home tech, and from gaming to cookware products, history has revealed to us the retailers who tend to do anything Top looking for friday disappoint when it comes to tempting deals.

What follows below is a list of retailers that here at T3 we suggest you bookmark and check in on regularly in the run up to, during and after the Black Friday sales. We've written a few product or our thoughts on what each retailer tends to specialise in in terms of deals. The links take you straight to each retailer's dedicated Black Friday salesso you can get right on with your shopping as soon as the deals drop.

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An exceptional selection of deals on a wide-ranging selection of products that range from tech to fashion and jewellery to entertainment. Visit Amazon's Black Friday here. Currys Black Friday Sale For computing deals, as well as brilliant bargains on TVs, white goods and consumer tech like tablets and phones, the Currys Black Friday Sale is absolutely worth checking out. Currys tends to run its "Black Tag" event, too, which runs for weeks before and after the big day and drops literally thousands of deals. Visit the sale here. Argos Black Friday Sale Argos is famed for its Black Friday sale, where toys, games, entertainment, white goods, TVs and gadgets are discounted fiercely.

Last year 20 products were ordered every second in the first hour of Argos's Black Friday event! You want cheap Lego? You got it. John Lewis Black Friday Sale John Lewis is a brilliant place to shop all year round, and when it comes round to Black Friday, its selection of deals are always very impressive. Major label TV and audio discounts are its speciality, as well as cost carves on phones, fashion and footwear.

The standard Top looking for friday warranty on any purchase also delivers great piece of mind and buyer protection. Dell Black Friday Sale Dell makes some of the very finest laptops and desktop PCs in the world, which is why when it slashes prices on its entire range each year during Black Friday it is well worth checking out the maker's online store. Dell loves its timed deal codes, which knock large percentages off its hardware if exploited, so it is worth checking in on the site each day to see what it has running.

Very Black Friday Sale Very is a newer member of the Black Friday deals club, but that hasn't stopped the online retailer absolutely killing it over the past couple of years in terms of its deals offering. Video games, clothing, phones, laptops, cosmetics and more have been well and truly slashed in price, often beating off more specialist stores in terms of price and coming with free delivery, too.

That's because year-after-year AO. Last year we also saw some very strong phone deals from the retailer, too. Carphone Warehouse also has a strong selection of SIM only deals on offer, too, making it a great one-stop-shop for phone deals this Black Friday. We've been covering Black Friday for well over a decade here at T3, helping our readers bag the best discounts and offers available each holiday shopping season. As such, we're very well placed to predict what sorts of deals we can expect this year in Below we've listed what we expect to happen on many key products and that we feel will be in high-demand in terms of deal hunters.

There will be plenty of deals on the iPhone 13, too, but in order to bag the phone for free or even cheap, then users will still have to trade in their old handset and shop around networks for the best deal.

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Apple Watch, AirPods and iP : From what T3 has heard in the Black Friday deals rumor mill, each one of these products are getting health discounts this winter shopping season. PS5 and Xbox Series X: This is really depressing information to write, but our sources say that it is still going to be really hard to buy a PS5 this winter holiday season.

Needless to say there won't be any discount on it, either.

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Scalpers and component shortages are still serious issues and while there will be PS5 stock going live over Black Friday, you're going to have to be very quick on the draw to bag it. Xbox Series X will be easier to buy, though, and we're expecting stock to be more available in the run up to Christmas. Switch Lite will also get the same treatment.

Bundle deals on the Switch OLED could be the best bet for many gamers, as we're expecting a lot of retailers to load on games and accessories due to the limited stock thereby shifting more product for the retailer. Mattresses and beds: It is a well-known fact that November is the cheapest month of the year in terms of mattress deals, with only the new year sales coming close in terms of discount.

Pillows mattress covers and bedding will also be available with big discounts applied. Key to bagging the best deals on Black Friday will be the use of deal codes, so look out for them on manufacture websites. Getting a free Amazon Prime is a crucial step in getting many of the best Black Friday deals.

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If you want to be in on the ground floor for many of Amazon's best Black Friday deals then you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Amazon Prime members get an exclusive minute early access window to ALL Lightning Deals, which is normally the only way to grab one of the hot products before they all sell out. Luckily, Amazon Prime is available on a day free trialso our advice to you if you don't have a membership is up before Amazon's Black Friday Deals Store opens, bag the deals you want with preferential access, and then, if you don't want to continue with the benefits Prime membership delivers, then simply cancel the trial.

You won't have spent a penny, but will have bagged Amazon's best Black Friday deals. If you're looking for Black Friday deals, Prime once more will be an essential weapon in the deal-bagging armoury. To score absolutely top tier Black Friday deals you need to be prepared, which is exactly what this best Black Friday deals guide is deed to help you with.

Right here we list the tips and tricks that we've used ourselves here at T3 in Black Fridays past to score great deals. Honestly, this could not be more important. In fact, if you only follow one piece of advice from this guide then this should be it. First of all, by creating a list of products that you actually want makes you keep focus during the Black Friday sales itself.

This means you don't aimlessly wonder into the sale and have you attention grabbed by a discounted product that you don't really want or need, which you then go and buy and, when it arrives, feel buyer's remorse. Even if you just know, for example, that you want a new 4K TV. By doing your research in advance you can identify a selection of well reviewed models and then look out for discounts on them, rather than dropping money blindly on a discounted 4K panel that could offer sub-standard performance.

The devil is in the detail, so don't be afraid to pause for a moment and find it. And, talking of TVs, they are one of a few product that demonstrate clearly our next tip, which is to look for the detail of a product before buying. There are so many tiers of performance within these things, and arguably they're not really the most important things to be looking out for anyway. As such, be sure to check the detail of any product you are about to buy during Black Friday in Top looking for friday finest of details. Shopping a year behind the market can pay huge dividends. It's a well-known fact now that the Black Friday sales are a way for retailers to shift out the last of the current year's stock in preparation for the new year's models.

And, while it is true that shoppers should consider if a discounted product is about to be replaced with a newer model, and factor that into the supposed "discount" or "deal", we actually think that many of the very best deals are on top products that are a year or more old. Retailers often try to bamboozle shoppers by advertising a product's "saving" during Black Friday rather than its price.

This is almost always because the saving has been artificially created in one of two ways. Firstly, retailers reach the saving figure by benchmarking it against the products original RRP. It will almost certainly not have been at this price for months, years or ever, so the saving is actually completely fake.

And the second way retailers try to pull the Top looking for friday over deal-hunters' eyes is by artificially jacking up a products price in the months leading up to the Black Friday sales, just to then bring the product back down to the price it was all along, thereby creating on first glance a big saving. Once again, this saving is completely fake. As such, research a product's price at as many retailers as possible, as well as use price history sites such as camelcamelcamel. Finally, remember that you don't have to buy something on Black Fridayas it is immediately followed by Cyber Monday and the entire winter holiday season sales period.

Don't buy just for the sake of "getting a deal on Black Friday".

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There's plenty of time to buy gifts before Christmas and plenty of other discounts in the sea. If the product you wanted wasn't discounted then wait a little longer, as it almost certainly will be soon. That way you get what you want and not a snap-decision compromise. Remember, at the end of the day deal hunting is supposed to be fun, so never feel stressed or pressurised by the event.

The history of Black Friday is really quite interesting, even if its origins bare very little resemblance to the global super sale we know today. The first reported mention of Black Friday in the sense of a mass experience comes from Novemberwhere the Factory Management and Maintenance journal used the phrase to describe the day after Thanksgiving specifically in terms of workers calling in sick so that they could have the day off.

So, while not exactly connected to shopping, the idea that the day after Thanksgiving was not normal and that people were treating it as a kind of one-day holiday are very much evident. This usage in the journal coincided with another use of it to describe the rise in traffic on the Friday and Saturday that directly following Thanksgiving, too.

And, while shopping was indeed taking place on these days in the s, it wasn't really until the s where the phrase started to get associated specifically with the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush. Interestingly, there was a concerted effort to change the name from Black Friday to Big Friday at one point, but that never caught on. Since then the Black Friday sales have grown each and every year they've taken place, with high street "doorbuster" deals attracting hundreds of thousands of deal hunters, and online stores like Amazon discounting thousands of products. From Top looking for friday years T3 has covered these events Black Friday prices tend to be generally a little cheaper than on Prime Day and, crucially, even if the products aren't cheaper, there are far more of them discounted.

The reason for this Top looking for friday that Black Friday is, one, the more famous shopping event and therefore retailers and makers reduce their prices accordingly and, two, it is much later on the in the product cycle year. It will simply be an older product and depreciation is constant on all products. Remember, Black Friday is a place where many companies look to offload that year's stock of products before their new stuff lands in January and February of the following year.

That doesn't mean it is bad, as last year's products can often be truly excellent pieces of kit and a far more cost effective buy with a great deal on them than splashing out full RRP for the newer product. But it does mean that, come Black Friday, a lot of products will have naturally depreciated in value simply by being on the market for months.

Despite deals in general being cheaper or better than on other big sale days during the year, such as Amazon Prime Day, one thing to remember is that competition for deals is increased. As such, while more deals may be cheaper actually getting them at that price before they sell out is generally harder, too.

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As such, there are very much two sides to the coin here. And, of course, none of this means that you can't get stellar deals during other sales events, it's just that there are less of them.

Top looking for friday

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