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Guest Post by DatingEnlightenment. Will you enjoy being with her for a long time, or will your relationship eventually head into disaster territory? Unless you can see into the future, you will not know for sure. However, there are some indicators that your relationship is going to stand the test of time. Following are six of those indicators. Past issues that have not been resolved are often referred to as baggage. That baggage can cause major problems down the road in your relationship.

Common unresolved issues involve trust and self-esteem. For instance, if she has been cheated on in the past, and she has not dealt with that and let it go, then she may be holding on to feelings of anxiety and mistrust.

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Later on in your relationship that mistrust can manifest itself into blame, anger, and hurt because your relationship has not been built on trust the backbone of a healthy relationship due to her inability to completely trust you. If she has no issues, and has dealt with her past in a way that has allowed her to move on, then you get to start your relationship with a clean slate.

This will allow you to move forward in a happy, baggage-free manner. Your mother gave you life and provided for you, but she also has a sense of ownership over you and your decisions. Your mother may want you to be someone you are not or pursue a career that you do not want to pursue. In short, she may not be completely satisfied with the man who you are. Ensure your woman is nothing like your mother. A drama queen is going to make your life miserable down the road until she loses the need for drama, which may or may not happen.

A drama queen is someone who looks for negative situations whether they are there or not. If she is a drama queen, then she may start a fight with a waiter over a look he gave her or a woman who glanced your way. In fact, she is willing to make something out of nothing no matter where she is or who it is over. The right woman will not be a drama queen. The right woman will support you in your life and the choices that you make. In fact, she may be the only one who supports you!

If she shows s of being your biggest supporter, no matter what your dreams and goals are, then she is going to make you happy no matter which way your life turns.

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She may make you feel good and supported, but does she make you laugh? It is not enough that you make her laugh and feel good, she has to be able to return the favor. Life is better when you laugh your way through it, and having an intimate partner who can make you laugh will be a blessing when times get tough.

Do you want to spend your life reassuring a woman, or would you rather have a woman who looks at the cup half-full and needs little reassurance about the happiness in her life? Negative and sarcastic people may be funny or semi-grounding at first, but they will take their toll on your happiness in the end.

Ensure your woman is willing to see the positive side of things on her own. Men want love too!! Here on Amazon or to get the e-book in PDF format .

5 Surprising Things Men Find Beautiful in a Woman

I got all these 6 qualities but still single. I guess nobody has seen them in me yet. Patiently waiting though.

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You are capable of all 6 but some things depend on the man you are dealing with. For example one man may think your hilarious while the next is not amused by your humor :. Very true!

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Thanks for ur input. Fact is sadly some men want a lady with issues, just to have something to keep you, or use against you…. It seems like women are told to deal with some things with men, but men are told to marry a perfect woman. And everyone has a little baggage. Just find someone who is Wanting ms right for you.

There is no one-size fits all approach to finding the right person. Take no offense. No human being is But when God brings two people together, they can be together…with His help and direction. Only God is perfect. First let me say that this was a guest post but I will address the concerns you raised. I agree that many women are told they should deal with some things but I assure you I am not one of those people.

I want to see individuals enter in to the best relationship for them with the person that is best for them. These are just some core things to look for when a man is choosing a partner to spend his life with. I agree that unfortunately many men are just playing around with women but there is more to it than that. So that depends on the man and what is important to him. Yes everyone has baggage but we all need to do a better job of addressing our issues before getting in to a serious commitment.

Many times it is those same issues that eventually destroy the relationship. I agree with you about the mother part. When I read that I felt the same way as you but I do think a man should steer away from a woman who treats him as her child and as if she is his mother…not usually a good recipe for a great relationship for the man or the woman.

There are so many other traits and factors to consider. Some like a conservative woman, some like them wild. Again this article is just speaking to some core things but there is much more at play. Certain things can be sacraficed but overlooking some of these things is typically a setup for trouble ahead.

As you stated nobody is perfect but you have to find the person that is perfect for you. It depends on the individual, right? The article is saying this is what a man should be looking for. Some things are negotiable but ignoring some of these things is a setup for disaster. Those things will vary greatly as to what the man is drawn to or would like in his life. This article is discussing core traits that a man should be mindful of. I was all this but he still cheated on me, broke up with him and that was a year and 4 months ago.

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I still love him very much though. me at advice stephanspeaks. If he has a girlfriend and is still telling you those things…… He is trying out a newer model and holding you as a back up. Because if he seriously loved you and wanted to be with you, he would prove that through his words and actions. Sometimes you can have all the right qualities but you yourself are still looking for and are attracted to the wrong type yourself. I can see all of these except 1 — is anyone truly baggage free?

Feel like we are all a work in progress.

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I think you should change baggage to communication. Everyone has baggage in one form or another. That's life. The key is to be open and honest about yourself so that the other person has the chance to know you. All the other points that you made I agree with completely. As I read it many of the steps took form of a few guys I have dated.

Wanting ms right

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