Webster needs work

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Although most of the focus is placed on current students, the same broad range of services is also available to alumni. We are excited to serve your career needs. Our career coach is available free of charge to assist you here at Webster Leiden. While our career services are free for students and alumni, they also require a commitment from you. If you make an appointment with the career coach, please make sure that you attend and that you arrive on time. Our career coach is committed to individualized services to you, so we ask that you come to appointments equally committed with questions, documents, and any completed work that the career coach requested you do.

Availability of career advising appointments is very limited!

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Missing appointments without any notice in even longer wait times, and you may not be able to reschedule in time to meet the needs you have. If you have a scheduling conflict, we ask that you notify our career coach at least 24 hours in advance to change the meeting format so you can attend example: in-person to skypeor to cancel the appointment.

Webster University, Leiden does not offer career placement or job recruitment services. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you're interested in partnering to create a program for your group, please send an to careers webster. Are you looking for a motivated intern or a high-potential employee for your company? Are you interested in an intern or a new employee who is a global citizen, is at ease with multi-cultural teamwork, and who has developed and strengthened their soft skills during a truly international university education?

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Webster University Leiden might have the student or graduate you are looking for. If you have an internship or job opportunity for Webster students, please send an to careers webster. Webster University students are typically multi-lingual and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our graduate students often have work experience in their home countries or abroad both in private and non-profit organizations. A key element of a Webster education is the focus on hands-on, practical knowledge as part of the learning experience.

Our highly-qualified academics are experienced in creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment which is highly responsive to an international student body.

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The classroom is a forum for discovering fresh perspectives not only on the subject studied, but also on the challenges of becoming a global citizen. Lectures, group work, discussions, case study analyses, and real life- and research projects coupled with team work and student presentations help the students to develop strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Classes are taught in English. If you would like to receive help from the career coach, please fill out the intake form. : careers webster. Search Search. Worldwide Locations Map Search.

Do you need assistance with learning how to look for internships and jobs? Would you like to master interviewing and networking? Make a personal appointment with the career coach via the intake form. and cover letter reviews: Would you like to have feedback on your and cover letter?

Please use the intake form. Career workshops : Get equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and insights for a successful job hunt. Our Students Webster University students are typically multi-lingual and come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Contact If you would like to receive help from the career coach, please fill out the intake form.

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Webster needs work

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