Wife want hot sex Rush

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News flash: The passion will fade with time—no matter how eagerly she jumped in the sack when you first started dating. Pique her interest: You could try initiating sex earlier, since she may just be frustrated with your late-night attempts at moving in on her.

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An especially bad : She favors the move that she knows gets you off fastest. As Megan Fleming, Ph. Or even better, guide her into a new position entirely—ideally, one that requires standing. Tell me more—I want to do this for you. But, the truth is, most women are totally cool with a minute session; any longer, and they may start to lose their lubrication, which is just uncomfortable.

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Pique her interest: The bad news: These three little words can put immense performance pressure on you, making it even harder to climax on demand. Caress her face, and make intimate eye contact with her. Another libido booster: sensing that your desire is specifically directed toward her.

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Gazing into her eyes is a surefire al that your arousal is aimed entirely her way, says Fleming. One caveat: If this is a consistent issue, she may just be body-conscious. Pique her interest: Guide her through a sexy striptease: Tell her to slowly take off her shirt—or just seductively ask her to show you her body—then tell her how much you love seeing her breasts.

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Today's Top Stories. She regularly goes to bed at a different time than you.

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She wants to stick with one position during sex. When you offer to get her off, she declines. But to refuse her own pleasure? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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Wife want hot sex Rush

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