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But because stereotypes surrounding women and sex still exist, Kindara, a fertility awareness appset out to see what stereotypes could be confirmed and what could be finally thrown out.

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The survey by Kindara researched the sex lives of women between the ages of 18 and They examined sexual desire, orgasm frequency, and just how important women feel sex is to their relationship. What the of the survey reveal, among other things, is that women are equal to men when it comes to sexual desires and to assume otherwise is wrong.

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Thinking that women are somehow less interested in sex is simply a decades-old thinking that needs to cease. According to the survey, Happy relationships are the ones where sex and intimacy reign supreme. Of those surveyed, In fact, less than half, at In findings that really blew archaic stereotypes out the window, Although women reaching orgasm still remains a struggle for many, the good news is that the amount of women who are able to orgasm at least once during sex is at Within that range, For The other top culprits that can make a woman not want to get it on are being out of sync with their partners at For 18 percent of women, there are no factors, like none at all, that stand in the way of them having sex.

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Seniors want sex -- and they get it, study finds