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Study the cultural and historical production of sexual difference, the impact of feminist research, and the intersection of gender with other social forces. Studying GWS offers a rigorous critical inquiry into these multiple forms of difference, challenging conventional assumptions about women, sexuality and gender roles.

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Our program promotes the development of new ideas and research in feminist scholarship within an open, supportive environment. The other is a t major that links feminist studies with another discipline or program, including art history; economics; English; French; history; media studies; politics; psychology; religious studies; science, technology and society; or theatre.

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Both forms of the major prepare you for a variety of careers and for graduate study. You may choose from two types of GWS majors.

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One emphasizes the theoretical focus of recent feminist interdisciplinary scholarship. As a Gender and Women's Studies major, you will be able to: Understand how gender functions in the world; Recognize how real experiences refute and complicate theoretical claims; Engage gender theory, and understand how such analytical frameworks have been generated; Generate new knowledge through research, and perform critical analysis of that knowledge; Recognize how knowledge about gender is produced, including the lived experience of gender bodily knowledge ; and Place primary research within a critical framework.

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Women in Pomona sex

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